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[Improving sleep can be successful weight-loss] (1), lack of sleep and eat more; 2, lack of sleep, increase your fat storage; ③, lack of sleep can cause your lack of energy, so that you do not want to move; ④, create a good sleep environment; ⑤, adjust the coffee and drinking habits.

9 good habits to protect the brain, nothing to hum songs; concerned about the tone of talking to people; home curtains add a layer of shade cloth;, the work thoughts stuck, take a look at the green plants; rest rules; 6, adequate sleep; more exercise; not smoking; 9, do not drink.

Health Tips: nine bad habits the brain. Dull the long-term satiation; two contempt breakfast;, vegetarian breakfast; 4, sweets excessive;, lack of sleep; long-term smoking; less statement the oligonucleotide language;, unwilling brains; 9, sick with the brain. You silly?

[Eight kinds of eight kinds of vegetables to prevent cancer] spinach → prevention of lung cancer; kelp → prevention of breast cancer; the Zizania → prevention of colorectal cancer; cauliflower → prevention of pancreatic cancer; asparagus → prevention of skin cancer; soy → to prevent cervical cancer; garlic → prevention of gastric cancer; mushrooms → prevention of liver cancer.

[] (1) bedtime drink, drink plenty of water regimen to prevent heart attacks and stroke; (2) to get up to drink water, anti-constipation; ③ before exercise drink, do not fatigue; ④ The drinking water to reduce drinking and thirst; ⑤ anxiety when you are tired, refreshing drink; ⑥ The boil water at night, the best water quality; the ⑦ big mouth and drink plenty of water, equal to not drink to drink a small mouth; ⑧ bottled water is easy breeding ground for bacteria, the best do not directly into the bottle to drink.

[Honey lemonade thin belly] every morning first thing is to drink a cup of honey lemonade fasting. Efficacy: lemon can heat to lose weight, whitening of the skin; not to mention the role of honey on the woman's. As long as the three days of the abdomen can lose weight without any side effects. Note: If ① The water is cold, not hot, and do not warm, because honey To Lenghe is the intestines; ② The ten minutes later, take any food; ③ must be fasting.

Tips [dysmenorrhea menstrual pain from dull pain to make you body twist, two-thirds of women during this period will be very uncomfortable feeling. Dysmenorrhea, hands on his hips, two thumb pressing in the navel or so on each side of 5 cm, that is, with Maixue location, you can have immediate relieve pain. Care for women's health, male compatriots also forwarded it!

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