In China, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years. In a written book called "Nei Jing" in 479 BC to 300 BC, people see the contents of the acupuncture. Book by BC, about 2500, the Chinese named the Yellow Emperor, the emperor and its Chief Minister in the form of dialogue, tell us a lot of knowledge about Chinese medicine.
Chinese people do not believe that the devil will make people sick, they think should be the body's internal search for a cause. They believe that everyone has a yin and yang are two opposing forces. Yin is dark, moist, female nature, and the sun has a bright, dry, male nature. Once the two forces, loss of balance, people will get sick.
The picture shows one of the acupuncture points map, marked on the main points of the body's 367
Acupuncture is to restore the balance of energy entering or leaving the body's way, the yin and yang between the two. Its practices are specific acupuncture points in the human body with a very fine needle into the body.
More than 100 points in each ear. Distribution points along the route associated with human organs, but not corresponding with the nerve. Needle into a point on the ear to ease the body should be part of the pain or discomfort (do not test the needle body acupuncture need to go through special training).

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