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 Brazil Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Brazil's overseas network reported that at 9:00 on the April 14, invited to participate in Brazil acupuncture motion hearing, the Brazilian federal physician unions and signed by the Brasilia federal district court on March 30 only physicians can exercise acupuncture "motion for a hearing to the respondent, about 200 local participants.

President of the Brazilian School of Acupuncture Suo Hatuo to present participants described in detail WFAS Vice-Chairman, president of the Brazilian Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Green benefits and WFAS and the efforts of the World Health Organization for many years and in Brazil influence, while about acupuncture bill introduced in the previous tragedies in Brazil.

Then the motion of a reasonable and fair to reply, Huiqing specifically mentioned in his speech that only physicians can exercise the practice of acupuncture is unfair and unscientific, but does not meet the needs of the Brazilian national conditions. She pointed out that this motion first in the history of 5000 years of traditional Chinese medicine do not understand the grasp of Chinese knowledge of Western medicine replaced is no scientific reason, and the second violation of the safety of the World Health Organization acupuncture basic training regulate international provisions it deprived the right of the Brazilian patients choice of treatment and doctors, the more serious is that it attempts to monopolize the Chinese acupuncture industry, depriving tens of thousands called the dissemination of Chinese acupuncture contribute to acupuncture practitioners rights.

Acupuncture is purely traditional Chinese medicine areas has its unique advantages, such as security it is appropriate, reliable efficacy, low cost, affordable health care resources, deeply loved by people around the world, more attention and recognition of the Government of Brazil . The Government of Brazil was 971 bill was issued in May 2006, acupuncture medicine into national health care system SUS system, welcomed by the majority of Brazilians.

She also suggests that traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own different characteristics of modern medicine through the body structure, autopsy, highly sophisticated instrument checks, measured outside of the high economic consumption, treatment of disease, traditional Chinese medicine through the information state of the body's functions, the outside inward, organs and meridians blood diagnosis and treatment of the eight principles of the four diagnostic methods, to identify the human variation of modulation of the sick person, only the traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine combined with each other shared health medicine and preventive medicine, health services, to health to the people.

In addition, the Acupuncture has its own unique theoretical system and practices, so whether a practicing physician and non-practicing physician should learn the theory and practices of acupuncture, acupuncture basic training and safety norms, standards must be issued in accordance with World Health Organization 1996, acupuncture education requirements for non-physician acupuncturist who must receive 2,500 hours of training, which at least 1000 hours of clinical practice with Western qualifications to become a acupuncturist who must receive 1,500 hours of training, including at least 1000 hours of clinical practice in order to become a qualified acupuncturist. In Brazil in order to achieve the standardization of acupuncture the rule of law, must be standardized acupuncture, standardized management and the establishment of acupuncture education, to let more people understand the acupuncture, and this is the only way to acupuncture.

Thereafter the participants were raised objection, one of the participants mentioned that acupuncture whether implementation in China, Hui Qing, president of the respondent said, acupuncture is a treatment, only treatment rather than people, there is no national boundaries, participants a smile of satisfaction.

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