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Five years (1027), Northern Song Dynasty Bronze Acupuncture human Northern Song Tiansheng CLASSICS Zhao Ming Hanlin medical officer Wang only manufacturing, and its highly similar to the normal adult, the thoracodorsal before and after both sides can open and close, the body carved organs organ, the bronze surface engrave there are acupuncture points, name of the hole next to the engraved title points. Yellow wax seal coated bronze appearance of the hole, and its injection. Acupoints accurately, the penetration while flowing out; acupoints are not allowed, the needle can not penetrate. The Ming Dynasty Bronze Acupuncture is Ming Hidemune Zhao Ming imitation of the Northern Song Dynasty bronze recasting. Made in the orthodox eight years (1443). Northern Song Dynasty bronze original is then abandoned and unaccounted for. In addition Jiajingnianjian acupuncture scientist Gao Wu has cast a male and female, the shape of the child acupuncture bronze. Now the Palace Museum collection of a Ming Dynasty bronze, 89 cm high, boy shape. Qing Dynasty Bronze Acupuncture is the Qianlong reign (1742), the Qing government to make Wu Qian, who compiled the "Golden Mirror of Medicine", to encourage the editor, who cast certain small Bronze Acupuncture as a prize. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical History Museum is in possession of a Department of the female shape, 46 cm high, solid surface meridians and acupoints, but the shape of the Qing Dynasty Bronze Acupuncture owe uniform. Museum of Chinese History an acupuncture bronze, 178 cm high, made ​​the late Qing Dynasty. Bronze Acupuncture modern imitation cast Nanjing Medical School and the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Medical History Document, developed in 1978 Font Bronze Acupuncture Institute of the existing literature of Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Medical History. Cast from bronze smelting, the thoracodorsal before and after both sides can open and close, visible relief organs organ opened, closed after the body seamless high of 172.5 cm, weight 210 kg. 1987, Kaifeng, Henan HE instrument, such as historical documents, Cast Bronze Acupuncture an attempt to recover. In addition, there are some that rely on modern technology to create bronze, and has been put on the market.

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