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Acupuncture Research [1] the basis of experimental research-based, taking into account the clinical research and reported, "featuring new achievements of acupuncture clinical and experimental studies of the main report, introduced the link between the clinical and experimental research; publicity, and to encourage widespread use of modern technology methods and technology, research and development of acupuncture. It is the only coverage of acupuncture mechanism of the publications, the paper of the National Natural Science Foundation funded the subject at all levels of the total issued about 50% of the number of papers, has a high academic level, over the years at home and abroad of readers' praise. [2]
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Has reviewed, clinical research, experimental research, the meridians and acupoints, methods and instruments, preliminary reports, foreign Digest, domestic Abstracts, contending part. [2]
Acupuncture and Chinese scientific papers Source Journals (Chinese core journals), the Chinese Science Citation Database Core Journals, China Academic Journal Full-text indexed journals, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, journal of Chinese Biomedical Literature Database, Chinese Medical Citation database journals, the journal of Chinese Scientific Journals database. [2]
The journal is a bimonthly, international standard 16 format, for domestic and foreign public offering.

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