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The doctor jointly challenged "alternative medicine"

The principle of acupuncture in China has aroused great interest in the Western pharmaceutical industry
In the UK, the so-called "alternative medicine" (alternative treatment) is more popular. The streets can be seen such as aromatherapy, aromatherapy practice, Chinese herbal medicine shops, acupuncture treatment shops.
In addition to traditional Chinese medicine from other regions of the mainstream of non-Western therapies by the attention and focus, which includes Indian herbal therapy (ayurvedic medicine), as well as from Africa and the Caribbean countries in the region of the therapy.

Most of these "alternative medicine" using herbal medicine, as well as focus on conditioning the body functions in order to the Therapy or improve patient health status.

In the UK, for various reasons, the growing tendency to try these different from the Western medical approach to treatment and care practices. These reasons include the Western therapies for many diseases there is no effect, as well as the health care system are the waiting time for patients to receive treatment and the long lead.

Supporters of "alternative medicine", including some celebrities, British Prince Charles is one of the best examples. He has repeatedly expressed support for the development of health care outside the traditional western medical methods.

Some of Britain's institutions of higher learning also began to set up a lecture on "alternative medicine" courses, including the University of Exeter (University of of Exeter).

Dissenting voices

However, some of Britain's famous Western now signed up for the British authorities to stop these "alternative medicine" and to focus resources on what they call "has been indeed proved effective" therapy.

Signed the letter include 13 scientists, sponsors, Professor Michael Baum of University College London (University College, London) (Michael Baum,).

In fact, Britain itself the use of traditional herbal therapies

Signed by scientists, including Nobel laureate Sir James Black (Sir James Black) and the British medical science to the President (president of the Academy of Medical, Science), Sir Keith Peters (Sir Keith Peters).

The letter published in the British "Times", and sent to England 476 Healthcare Foundation.

The letter said that the authors believe that although the British health system is currently facing significant pressure, however, the authorities are still in the case of lack of evidence to vigorously promote "alternative medicine".

Announcement of this letter, the British Prince Charles is preparing to speak on the same day on a World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. Expected that he will support the "alternative medicine".

Criticism points 

By 13 scientists issued a joint letter to make a criticism in two ways.

First, the sender has criticized the government funding to support the "homeopathy" (of homeopathy) guidelines. In addition, the letter also criticized the Smallwood report commissioned by Prince Charles (Smallwood Report).

Smallwood report recommends that patients in the British national health care system more convenient "alternative medicine".

The letter criticized the "homeopathy" is an "incredible" therapy, even after 10 times the review of research, but did not get the evidence to show that it is truly effective.

Sender at the same time said that if the use of available resources has been conclusive evidence of effective treatments, which will provide maximum benefit for the British public and health care system.

The so-called "alternative medicine" also includes a number of other health care methods of curing diseases, for example: reflex zones of the foot Health Act (reflexology) and aromatherapy (aromatherapy).

British Prince Charles began 20 years ago to support the development of "alternative medicine".

He also set up a foundation to encourage health care outside the traditional Western approach.

UK Department of Health said, what is the best therapy for the patient, all decided by the medical staff.

However, the spokesman also pointed out that they also know that as more people use these "alternative medicine", the authorities really need to find the supporting evidence.

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