ancient chinese martial arts
Blond hair and blue eyes, high nose and deep purpose Russian beauty, wearing a red tai chi suits, surrounded by festive red scarf, in front of the camera waving to say hello: "Hello, everybody, I'm So dream summer, Xiamen University, College of Foreign Languages ​​teachers from Russia and we year working very hard, I feel the need to rest, I wish you all good health. "
Voice down, she take a step back, a beautiful from the potential, first set of Nanquan, then Shuaqi the pole With the background the Music Daojianrumeng "Jianrugaochao, the hands of the knife whipped as a swallow ...
This is the fifteenth year of the Su dream summer martial arts. From the 14-year-old Su dream summer side reading side of exercise, she is a dual master of the Moscow Institute of International Relations and the French Institute of Administration, working for the UN Refugee Agency to Japan to learn Aikido, and later access to the Chinese martial arts in the United States, the endless obsession , then resigned from the World Bank's work to bring the deposit to the Chinese study with a teacher.
Because it came around school Kung Fu Su dream of summer school, extra efforts and seriously, the side of learning in modern Chinese dialogue, side to learn ancient Chinese, to check a lot of teachers introduced to her "martial arts secrets", a day Zama step training routines, up to the time day 5 hours. Hard work pays off, she got Chenjiagou Taijiquan Invitational tai chi sword silver and Ha Chi sword competition gold medal, and was invited to do martial arts performances in the Strait Forum.
Chinese kung fu is not only the Soviet Union dream summer exercise, a good helper to ease the pressure on her cross-border marriage "matchmaker", when she and her boyfriend is the understanding of Xiamen to practice tai chi. Later, her boyfriend escalated into her husband, So dream summer, deeper into the lives of the Chinese.

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