Members of the public to the market to buy food, hobby buy suburbs farmers of vegetables, most of such vegetables is irrigated manure, pesticide residues.
Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units of a new seminar, watering the vegetables of manure contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, but after tap water contamination landing.
Discuss staff to carry out testing on Chinese cabbage, radish, lettuce, celery and other vegetables. Results of detection to create, the more recent interval of fertilization time, more vegetables, the number of surface coliform, but the number of coliforms within the vegetables are not affected. The seminar staff of the Nanjing Agricultural College, 7 days watering fresh fecal vegetables are generally serious pollution, autumn and winter, spinach and carrots the most polluted, followed by Chinese cabbage, spring and summer, white radish is the most polluted.
Public tap water soaking, washing to certain results, which to wash in addition to the vegetable surface coliform results. In addition, the best kill the vegetable pathogen by immersion in boiling water. Significantly to land in the boiling water for 15 seconds allows the surface of vegetables the number of coliforms, leafy vegetables within the coliform bacteria by immersion in boiling water 30 to 45 seconds of basic kill, radish class internal coliforms by immersion in boiling water 60 seconds or more can completely kill.

Toothpaste Riga, fluorine, salt iodization, milk Riga vitamin AD, we have become accustomed to. But also in the soy sauce Riga iron, which is how is it?
Iron deficiency situation is severe iron urgent
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, the world may have 40 to 50 million people in iron deficiency, about 20 million people suffer from iron deficiency anemia. China's situation is not optimistic about the 2000 Chinese food and nutrient monitoring, the anemia rate of urban children under 5 years old 12.3% of rural children was 26.7%, while the rate of anemia in women of childbearing age is as high as 36.6%. According to statistics, the incidence of iron deficiency anemia in the country's population up to 15-20%, there are about 200 million people suffer from iron deficiency anemia and iron nutrient dysplasia.
Is well known that iron is the main raw material of the composition of hemoglobin, also myoglobin, cytochrome enzymes, over the composition of hydrogen peroxide enzymes, tissue respiration, plays a major role in the biological oxidation process. Hemoglobin can reduce body iron deficiency, the occurrence of nutrient adverse anemia. Makes loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue and weakness, decreased immune function. Children affect mental development, can cause reduced IQ, pay attention to the force is not concentrated, short stature and light weight. Therefore, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia has become our country is currently facing the most important public health topics. People will ask, why so many of the population of our country iron deficiency? Our diet habits, our citizens in order to plant food, plant foods, the iron content low, combined with the contained iron is not easily absorbed by the body, its absorption rate is only 3% uniform. Therefore, from the intake of staple foods can not meet the iron needs of the human body. To address the status of many people, iron deficiency, usually there are three road supplementary iron: (1) improved eating habits and dietary pattern, iron intake, and improved absorption rate; ② taking iron supplements; ③ The food is widely consumed in Add Rail enhancer. By the body absorb iron is not easy, the clinical outcome is not ideal, to be the most basic prevention. And the current strengthening of iron in food is internationally recognized as the most economical, effective and sustainable iron method.
New method to solve the iron deficiency: add a little iron in soy sauce
The soy sauce is to Chinese cooking almost every day to be used in seasoning. China Seminar institutions nearly four years in a seminar called EDTA sodium iron (EDTA), a new iron enhancer provides effective protection against iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia: participate in soy sauce. Discuss the staff of the major areas of population controlled trials of soy sauce, food with iron, the results show: 14 to 17-year-old high school students daily supplement containing 5 mg EDTA iron, soy sauce, 3 months you can complete to correct iron deficiency anemia; 3 to 6 years old children foods fortified with iron soy sauce 1 year, height and weight growth significantly better than children eating ordinary soy sauce; the population prevalence of anemia decreased by 20% to 70%. Thus, iron, soy sauce exact improvement of iron deficiency.
Why iron to choose the "iron EDTA sodium (also known as" By Subway ") for enhancer? Because iron is a kind of seminar elected by the staff in a number of iron and its strength lies: the absorption rate is 2 to 3 times that of other iron will not be subject to restraint and iron absorption materials in the food, add in soy sauce no rust flavor. In many food, why choose soy sauce as an iron fortified foods carrier? About these aspects: ① soy sauce is our resident food flavoring agent, it is convenient, but consumption is easily restraint is generally not excessive consumption. ② soy sauce is a product of industrialization, easy to add quality moderation. ③ soy sauce contains more complex amino acids and organic acids, these materials can enhance the absorption of iron. ④ new iron enhancer EDTA, good solubility in soy sauce. And the firm for more than two years, will not be damaged. Also does not change the original luster and flavor of soy sauce.
The tests showed a day to eat 10 to 15 ml of iron fortified soy sauce, and a year of iron results can be improved by 70%. Some people may worry, for the population of adult men do not iron deficiency, eating iron fortified soy sauce will not lead to excessive iron intake? This worry unnecessary, on the one hand people every day, soy sauce intake amount is limited, not blindly, uncontrolled eating soy sauce. Furthermore, the body active adjustment mechanism when the body iron deficiency, iron absorption rate will drop, and the excess iron is excreted. Even more important is the iron content of the soy sauce is not too much, the national health section has made stringent provisions, iron fortified soy sauce per 15 ml of only 4 mg of EDTA iron iron enhancers in the soy sauce, add standard. This dose on the human body is best for security.
How to choose, how to apply iron fortified soy sauce?
Many soy sauce manufacturers have launched the "iron fortified soy sauce This sauce packaging printed with significant co-announced by the China Disease moderation center and the China Association of spices iron fortification mark. And in the ingredient list of this soy sauce marked the same with ordinary soy sauce, water, defatted soybean, oat, wheat endures, but also marked called "iron EDTA sodium supplies. Therefore, this soy sauce is very easy to identify. Because of low iron soy sauce, price is not expensive to add capital, compared with ordinary soy sauce one day only spend much a few per cent of money, there is only a year to spend a few dollars, I really can be described as cheap, complement each other.
The application of iron soy sauce during the cooking process, regardless of age, time can be added. And cooking with this soy sauce dishes, whether fried, fried, boiled, stew will not dish the normal color, flavor and adverse effects. Soy sauce in the iron will not affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients in vegetables supplies.
Cabbage through the stomach, in addition to chest bored, thirsty hangover, toilet, and the role of cough.
Radish can eliminate toxins, the heat of sputum under the gas, W, detoxification, have good effect on the food product, distention, phlegm cough, aphonia, dysentery, migraine headaches and other illnesses.
Leeks sterilization, insecticide detoxification, can enhance gastrointestinal digestion.
The celery There are refreshing, brain, lungs and cough, blood pressure lowering effect.
The potato juice can cure constipation and peptic ulcer.
Eggplant to control high blood pressure, stroke, and peliosis have good effect.
Tomatoes diuretic, Jianweixiaoshi, cooling blood Pinggan, Qingrejiedu blood pressure lowering efficacy.
Cucumber have to promote the food of corruption in the intestinal excretion and decreased cholesterol, weight loss and other effects.
Melon have Qingre, diuretic, weight loss, cough, throat, thirst effect.
Qufeng sweating onions, detoxification swelling, prevention of air-cooled cold, diarrhea, difficulty in urination and other symptoms have good effect.
Garlic sterilization, blood fat, prevent cancer, brain, strengthen the memory effect.
The peppers have many other effects of the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, scurvy, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and accelerate the body fat conversion, absorption, consumption.
Lead to lack of magnesium for many reasons, in addition to adverse nutrient, magnesium intake and absorption will be affected by weight loss diet, drinking the "soft" water, intestinal diseases, alcoholism and other adverse factors, the lack of ore supplies.Prolonged exercise, lactation, excessive sweating and chronic diarrhea, diuretics, digitalis preparations, as well as cisplatin and cycloserine and other anti-cancer drugs and suffering from kidney disease, thyroid disease, but also easily cause a significant loss of magnesium.
According to the standards set by the World Health Organization, the physical requirements of the adult magnesium is 200 to 300 mg daily. If the intake of magnesium is less than normal, chronic magnesium deficiency, leading to muscle twitching, cramps, dizziness, irritability, restlessness, apathy, depression, abnormal heart rhythms, coronary spasm, anemia, increased blood coagulation, blood pressure abnormalities , especially the young people of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction. Insufficient, magnesium can also cause osteoporosis, digestion efficacy of clutter and miscarriage, premature birth, fetal growth abnormalities.
Daily life, many people control TSP added, but often neglect the intake of magnesium. Indeed, must reach a balance between calcium and magnesium talent to ensure that the materials can be of two kinds of ore fair application. Generally, the proportion of calcium and magnesium should be 2:1. In other words, if your daily intake of 800 milligrams of calcium, you should also intake of 400 mg of magnesium, but the amount of people day intake of magnesium is often inadequate.
Nutrient experts point out that, to correct nutrient lack of supplies it is wise to proceed from the diet, especially of magnesium, the best source is regular intake of magnesium rich foods. Chubby in the elderly, history of cardiovascular disease or patients to pay attention to dietary magnesium intake of 450 to 500 mg in the daily best to stick to. Magnesium more foods are: whole wheat breads and cereals, legumes and their products, spinach, corn and broccoli, vegetables, dates, raisins and bananas and other fruits, as well as almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts and pecans, etc. nuts. If the water-rich ore supplies, drinking water is magnesium in the diet a major source. Fat foods, refined flour, sugar and alcohol content of magnesium is small, should be careful in the choice.
Of course, for people who can not meet the demand for magnesium through diet, under the leadership of a doctor, take magnesium supplements to meet the shortfall. 

Sweets a sense of the mood of the people to pay attention to calciumand vitamin B1.
The secret is that consume a lot of sweets for food acid, pyruvic acid,lactic acid and other acidic materials in the ultimate product of thebody, will be an increase of the acidity of the blood, adhere to theacid-base balance, the body may not be a lot of calcium and acidic components, resulting in calcium laid the foundation for the bane ofrickets, osteoporosis, myopia and other diseases.
Sugar metabolism requires vitamin B1, sweets-loving people whomay be suffering from B1 deficiency, severe cases will emergememory, thinking landed phenomenon.
In addition to calcium foods such as milk, beans, animal bones andnot a lack of meat, brown rice, vegetables and other B1 content,should also arrange intake. 
Health law is based on the development of life, to take able to maintain health, reduce disease and promote health, longevity means, the health care activities.

Health (also known as the regimen, said Health) The term was first seen in "Zhuangzi" Inner Chapters. The so-called Health is life, survival, growth, meaning; so-called raising the maintenance, nursed back to health, culture, nourishing, nursing meaning. Health by nourishing the spirit, tone diet, training the body, be careful intercourse, appropriate cold temperature, and other methods to achieve, a comprehensive physical longevity activities.

Traditional Chinese Health under the guidance of TCM theory, exploration and the study of Chinese traditional take care of themselves physically and mentally, and enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, longevity of the theories and methods, and guidance of this theory and methods of practical science of people's health activities.

Since ancient times, the theory and methods of health called "good health". For example, "Su asked the ancient naive," said: "on the Gu Zhiren its law of yin and yang, and the number of patients, food and drink festival, there are often personal, do not make any rash of labor, and it could be shaped with God both do its natural span, a hundred degrees is to go ". Here is health. Can the health and longevity, not only is the ability to understand and good health, but more important is whether the regimen consistently applied to everyday life. Family health history due to their own practice and experience, their good health in the static God, move the shape, fine solid, breathing, dietary and bait, etc. have focused on their own merits. Schools from the academic point of view, but also Taoist, Confucian, health, medical home health, the health of Buddhism and martial arts home health points, they are explained from different angles, the health theories and methods, enrich the contents of the health science.

Under the guidance of TCM theory, the health science to absorb the essence of each school, made a series of health principle. Plus-shaped God, support, and coordination of yin and yang, in harmony with nature, and the diet to restore prudent living and tune organs unobstructed meridian abstinence Paul essence, Qi and the interest rate adjustment, movement appropriate to make rule-based health activities, law according to. For example, the dietary regimen emphasized dietary, food festival, food to avoid food ban; drug care, attention to drug dependent, drug treatment, avoid drugs, such as drug ban; traditional exercise and take care of the range of reactive species, such as dynamic power Tai Chi boxing, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, five from play, health work, the static power relaxation function within the power of raising, strong power, meaning qigong, infuriating run; movement combined with the power to free the fresh power, the shape of God piles, regardless of the election to learn the kind of exercises, as long as the exercises are successfully implemented, sustained, can receive health and disease prevention, longevity effect. Acupuncture, massage, massage, cupping, are also convenient and easy, the effect is significant. Such as these not only by the Chinese people love, and Far EasTone around the world, has made its due contribution to the cause of the health of all mankind.

TCM theory emphasizes the health of the human body. Coordination among the five internal organs, achieved through interdependence and mutual restraint, Health and restraint. Animate system can maintain a dynamic equilibrium, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the physiological activities.

The organs of the physical, "Tibet", "diarrhea" in an orderly of its features. The five internal organs metaplasia and storage of fine, God, gas, blood, body fluid as the main physiological functions; six internal organs is by Sheng and Biography of Water Valley, and excretion of the dross of its physiological functions. Tibet, diarrhea properly, the body only adequate source of nutrition to ensure that the activities of normal life. Any link failure will affect the overall activities of life and disease.

The organs collaborative on the physiological significance of its role in the health. From a health perspective, the coordination of organs is achieved through a series of health means and measures.Coordinated meaning roughly twofold: First, strengthen the internal organs of synergy and enhance the vitality of the body metabolism.Correction, when the occasional disharmony between the organs to be adjusted to correct the deviation. These two aspects, as one of the guiding principles of health, and implementing various health approaches, such as: four seasons health emphasized Spring Liver, Xia Yang Xin, Xia Yang, spleen, autumn Yangfeihuoxue, winter Yang Shen; mental health in stressed ease of mind, emotions and the avoid The Goshi over extreme harm to the five internal organs; stressed the flavors harmonize, must not be too biased, etc., are followed to coordinate the organs of this guiding principle and concrete implementation of the diet regimen. Another example: the sixth tactic "in the exercise and take care," Ba Duan Jin, Wuqinxi "power law, but also to enhance the function of organs for the purpose of group Code. Therefore, the coordination of the organs is one of the guiding principles of health science, should be paid enough attention.