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At the forum, Wang Qishan heard statements by the representatives of the Shanghai municipal government is responsible comrades and insurance companies. He said that since the reform and opening up of the insurance industry changes. Along with industrialization and urbanization accelerate the people's living standards improve, the huge development potential and opportunities of the insurance industry. Face of the current challenges at home and abroad, to strengthen their confidence in the insurance industry efforts to promote sound and rapid development.
Wang pointed out that China's insurance industry is still in the early stage of development, the development of the market is relatively immature, the reform of the institutional mechanisms, organizational system innovations, laws and regulations to improve and so requires a process of exploration. Must be in accordance with the requirements of the "12th Five-Year Plan, based on the current long-term perspective, bit by bit from start to accelerate changes in the insurance industry, optimize the layout and structure of the insurance industry, the speed of development and structure, quality and efficiency of economic growth. Vigorously develop the insurance business of pension, health care, responsibility, and foster specialization and regional insurance agencies. Reform and improve the policy of insurance business, and increase efforts to support the export of large complete sets of equipment. And the market mechanism and policy support combine to strengthen the "rural", small and micro enterprises, technological innovation, shipping and other aspects of insurance services.
Wang stressed, "A Better Business Xing the financial Xing; stability of all trades, financial stability". Properly handle the insurance industry and the trades and industries in the relationship, to strengthen insurance supervision, and improve macro-prudential, capital adequacy, access to exit, risk disposal regulatory system, strengthen the regulatory coordination, and to hold not the bottom line of the systemic and regional risks. Cracking down on insurance fraud, to solve the problem of difficult claims, misleading sales and standardize the market order, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers, and establish a good image of the insurance industry.
Wang pointed out that the core of the modernization is the modernization of people. Insurance companies the essentials of a good team with good team, good job management, strengthen personnel training, to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers.
Wang investigated the part of financial institutions. He said the insurance industry is a sunrise industry. Various types of insurance companies to closely focus on a variety of market demand, highlighting the main industry, speed up the business, product and service innovation. Local insurance companies should be based on local and unique.
During the inspection, Wang Qishan of Shanghai in recent years, economic and social development as well as the achievements of Shanghai international financial center and fully affirmed.
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Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu Yu was awarded the President's official residence of the French National Assembly in Paris at noon local time, 12 officers Medal of the Legion of Honor. The French National Assembly Speaker Akwa Jesus on behalf of French President Nicolas Sarkozy for Chen Zhu honors. Chinese Minister of Health who in France for many years with the French how unusual feelings?
French Legion Medal of Honor is the highest honor awarded by the French government, dedicated to the recognition of France made an important contribution to the French people and foreigners. Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu, the ceremony, the French National Assembly Speaker Akwa yeah interpretations of the importance of the honors: "Few people such as Mr. Chen Zhu, Minister to deepen Sino-French relations to make such an excellent effort today of the ceremony is to pay tribute to the special experience, as doctors, scientists, Chen Zhu, Minister in China and the world for human health tireless efforts to pay tribute to his decades of dialogue to enrich the fields of science between China and France efforts to pay tribute, he pushed China and France can be shared among together to achieve progress on the human scientific knowledge to pay tribute. "
Chen Zhu, Minister to France in 1984 to study a PhD. After returning home in 1989, led by undertaking a large number of national key scientific research projects, and made a lot of breakthroughs in the field of hematology, molecular biology. Since 1995 as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and actively promote the Sino-French bilateral cooperation. Such as promoting the foundations of the science and application of law is created, through the financing of the Fellowship Program, to promote bilateral cooperation in science and application of scientific and technological exchanges, scientific and technological cooperation. In 2002, Chen Zhu, who was awarded the French Legion of Honor, Knight-class medal. Ten years later, French President Nicolas Sarkozy in recognition of Chen Zhu made great contributions to medical research and forensic science cooperation, the honors Medal level to officer level.
The Akwa yeah speaker explained: "President Sarkozy has decided granted the Medal of Chen Zhu, Minister of the officer level, because the Minister Chen Zhu has set an example to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and France. First of all, in medical science First of all, he is a great doctor and researcher, he has greatly promoted the progress of medical science; Secondly, he has a better understanding of the common ground linking the people of China and France, studied in France for the experience made him a better understanding of the more mature health insurance in France system, especially as the Minister of Health, the admirable work done by the implementation of health care reform in China. Chinese health care system in the citizens of medical treatment and health insurance coverage has been greatly improved, and made significant progress We admire the efforts he made to the Chinese people and Sino-French friendship. "
Chen Zhu, Minister of the ceremony delivered a speech in fluent French. He thanked the progress made in health care reform. He pointed out that after three years of health care reform has been made in the preliminary results: 97 percent of China's population have access to basic medical insurance and the basic coverage of urban and rural areas; State Pharmaceutical reform and reform of public hospitals is also being gradually . When it comes to the feelings of their own honors, Chen Zhu said: "This honor is not only a great encouragement to me, also belong to China and France, especially the colleagues of the medical profession; I just Akwa the yeah Speaker in particular comes to the medical the importance of reform of China's scientific development, because it is not only a respect for life, and it is very important for building a harmonious society, economy, health is the most important asset, is the first element, at the same time it also has huge political significance, is a society of fairness, justice and harmony thanks to French colleagues a lot of encouragement and positive assessment of China's medical reform, I am even more grateful to the French colleagues, a very valuable support given to us to crack the world's problems on the issue and help. "
Chen Zhu, minister of foreign academician of French Academy of Sciences, professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Ruijin Hospital, tenured professor, and actively work for the cooperation of China and France in the medical field, among them to promote the establishment of the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, establish a model for Sino-French health cooperation, to contribute to the cause of China's public health; In addition, he also actively promote the cooperation of Chinese medicine in China and France. There to participate in the ceremony site nearly in the forensic scientific community guests of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Sino-French cooperation, the French Academy of Sciences the lifelong Secretary Katrina 布希尼娅克, Ms.. Chen Zhu, Minister of honors and cooperation between China and France issued a view: "Today is Chen Zhu, Minister of the ceremony is an affirmation of the excellent results of the efforts and medical research work he was made of Sino-French friendship. Science no borders. Chen Zhu is a good friend of the French people, is an excellent Minister, a long time that our cooperation is very happy in the Sino-French cooperation on Chinese medicine, we strive to achieve a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, draw two medical strengths to promote medical science advances, the service of humanity. future cooperation between the two sides will strengthen cooperation between scientific research as well as Sino-French hospitals.
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Qigong enthusiasts from across the UK, more than 300, 21 in south London, Surrey Epson demonstrate the General Assembly was held to greet the arrival of the London Olympic Games the Chinese way.
Qigong enthusiasts on the lawn in front of the Epson city of Bern Convention Center, with the music show to the local residents the charm of Qigong. Specially rushed to the Epson Mayor of speech for the exhibition, Sheila Carlson said: "Qigong look great, look like investment in the practice of these enthusiasts, I know that is certainly very beneficial to the body . "
When the reporter asked whether she would consider becoming an enthusiast, Carlson around Qigong coach Tony Ha Dingman said: "I should go to his club registration." Ha Dingman practice Tai Chi and Qigong 40 years in the local open a Tai Chi and Qigong Club.
The General Assembly of the Health Qigong show sponsored by the Chinese Health Qigong Association, British Association of Qigong contractor, specially came to participate in the activities of the State Sports General Administration Health Qigong Management Center, deputy director Renwang Lan, surprised by the scale of development of Qigong in the United Kingdom, Because more than 300 people, 95% are genuine British. Li Hui said: "In fact, the requirements go, this is only a small part, they are from all across the UK to some in order to participate in today's activities in the UK in 20 years of Tai Chi and Qigong teaching from Northern Ireland to fly over. "
Li Hui is the Chairman of the British Health Qigong Association, Ip Chi Wai, she and her husband has been engaged in the promotion of Qigong, she said, and now the whole of the UK Health Qigong lovers nearly 10,000.
"Qigong is not only for fitness, is also involved in the treatment of many chronic diseases, relieve fatigue and stress so many people in a healthy condition, This is also fascinated by the British," said Li Hui.
Anne Norman from London to practice Qigong has been four and a half years, she dedicated the same day from 50 km outside the home, rushed over to participate in performances, has been retired, she said: "I've been practicing Qigong for four and a half years, I often feel anxious, a lot of pressure, the practice four years later, I am very confident, happy mood. "
According to Wang Lan, September 2011, the Health Qigong project was awarded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Mass Sports Development and Promotion Award ". International Olympic Committee, the Qigong unrestricted, everyone involved in the promotion of human physical and mental health have a positive effect.
Living in north London, Peter Wall, Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee of the International Wushu Federation to attend the exhibition. In his view, Qigong and martial arts in the UK likely to be promoted, because the purpose of Qigong is to relax, eliminate fatigue and ease the pressure, while the martial arts has a competitive nature, is more suitable for young people to practice.
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Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government on the 19th to sign a contract with Taiwan and China Medical University, Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards Scheme (Hong Kong standard plan), the seventh Chinese herbal medicines for the sampling and research work to strengthen cooperation.
The signing ceremony held at China Medical University, Taichung City, Hong Kong's standard plan, Dr Lam Ping-yan, president of China Medical University in Taiwan, Huang Jung-tsun, served as the contract on behalf of. Dr Lam Ping-yan said that the smooth progress of ongoing research cooperation, the two sides will further deepen research work in the Chinese Materia Medica Standards.
Since 2011, Taiwan's China Medical University, turmeric, betel nut, Rosa laevigata, educational and other four kinds of Chinese herbal medicines to help Hong Kong Department of Health conducted a standard-setting study. After the contract is signed, Polygonum vine, orange, holly leaves, lotus and other four kinds of Chinese herbal medicines will also be started.
Hong Kong marked the program began in 2002, aimed to develop reference standards on safety and quality of herbal medicines commonly used in Hong Kong. Up to now, has been completed for 98 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in the reference standard, and four studies published book by the pharmaceutical industry praise. 2012, the Hong Kong standard plan will aggregate to complete the standard setting of 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines.
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Beijing's winter is always accompanied by wind, against the infringement of the skin caused by the Peninsula Spa has designed a 150-minute spa treatment, including: body scrubs, facials and hot stone massage.
The guests here will be the first to taste the ginger tea and enjoy the fresh ginger foot scrub, clean feet, while the whole body comfort and warmth.
Carried out after the body scrub, choice of coarse salt and nourishing oils, and enjoy the supreme care of the skin in the cold and dry winter.
Next, skilled therapists use heated river stone combine in-depth massage Chinese acupressure and European massage two kinds of skills for the guests, the release of the systemic pressure.
After this 30-minute facial treatment is tailored in accordance with the individual's skin characteristics, the facial skin to re-Hwan new look.
Finally the head decompression massage with nourishing the scalp and hair repair products, and enable the body to restore balance, a perfect end to this pleasant spa trip.
The Peninsula Spa by the experience of each physiotherapy thermal energy facilities began to heat facilities can make the body completely relaxed, and then the full enjoyment of the effectiveness of physical therapy techniques and essential oils. The thermal energy facilities in room hot jade steam room and sauna, two facilities can make the skin pores open, increased perspiration, and to promote the body blood circulation. After the ice placed on the skin surface, the skin quickly adjust to a new life. Seven shower fashion bathing facilities can also make the body relax.
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Municipal Committee, Municipal Education Committee secretary Gou Lijun, yesterday led the City departments responsible comrades, has in-depth Chest Hospital, Lake Hospital and the Haihe River Hospital new construction, renovation and expansion project site, check the progress of the project, quality control, safety measures, supporting the construction, etc. . Subsequent meeting of the on-site office, study and solve problems, and asked all units to further raise awareness, strengthen management, speed up construction projects to expand the total resources of the high-quality health care to contribute to improve the medical conditions of the masses.
Gou Lijun, in the field office was stressed that the large public hospitals, new construction, renovation and expansion project is a popular project to benefit the masses of Tianjin urban and rural. Should be thinking and understanding actions and arrangements to the requirements of the municipal government, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and urgency, seize the construction of the golden season of scientific and reasonable arrangement, with masses of deep feelings for the high standard, high-quality good job construction projects.
Gou Lijun, to further strengthen the project management to ensure completion of quality engineering, safety engineering, clean and works. The renovation and expansion of medical units to do a good job ahead of the medical staff team building, improve medical quality service to a new level. City departments and district according to the Municipal Committee "structural adjustment, improve people, on the level of activity of the unified deployment of active-depth construction line to engage in service to help solve the problems one by one, to ensure that the project be completed and put into use.
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Purui Ding produced in the United States Purui Ding test the power of God is not the same, it specifically for the candidates, the candidates developed a new generation of brain hormone, not only provides a wealth of DHA, but also to optimize the brain environment to ensure that the supplementary brain nutrition, the brain is able to quickly and fully to be "absorbed" Therefore, the role of its entrance examination refreshing Bunao very obvious!
U.S. Purui Ding is the world's leading health care products companies Purui Ding produced in the domestic selling Purui Ding carnitine Purui Ding Colostrum powder, and it's influence is widening! Purui Ding The company has developed the production as a NASDAQ listed company, health care products, nutrients reach the thousands, each product by the U.S. FDA safety certification is based on the nature of high-quality health and world-renowned of health care products giant.
Concerned about the huge potential of the health care market of the Chinese college entrance examination Bunao Purui Ding enormous amounts of money to develop test the power of God brain hormone, so that it contains DHA to 70% of the total nutrients. Moreover, DHA is extracted from deep-sea pollution-free fish who is very pure, not only that, but also the use of high-tech means, further refined for DHA, so pure of DHA, more likely to be absorbed by the brain!
To Cory, God help students realize their dreams college entrance, Pu Ruiding company also uses the Western countries in Europe and America DHA memory formula "highly regarded, so that test the power of God made ​​according to the optimal activity ratio group side. Therefore, test the power of God at the same time complement the nutrition of the brain, can optimize the environment of the brain, clear brain cell metabolism waste materials, while promoting the brain synaptic developed, to activate nerve conduction function, allows the brain to absorb nutrients more quickly, also showed memory speed increment !
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The bad news decompression, but will inspire attacks
"Bad news syndrome" There are several reasons, especially some of the media in order to attract the audience in favor of multi-select some of the negative reports. MD, deputy director of Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital, Psychiatry Research Center, Song Chong-liter, from another perspective, in addition to novelty and strange this factor, pressure, herd mentality factors.
Living or working in some bad news, unpleasant people, negative news can in order to comfort themselves, release the pressure. Song Chong Sheng said: "Some people see the negative news like behind to listen to someone ill, maybe even the superiority of foresight."
Have some negative news, such as the message of food safety class that can help people better protect themselves. "Psychological clinic, deputy director of Beijing Friendship Hospital, MD, Bai Xiaoli said," but from the mental health, too much negative news adverse effects under the state of tension and pressure, tend to lose the sense of security, if the mood is not reasonable release will result in excessively defensive or aggressive behavior. "
Four good way to lift the bad news syndrome
The two experts also reminds us that for the bad news, on the one hand, an objective view, the real face. The other hand, do not waste too much energy and too much attention to these things. Susceptible populations for the bad news syndrome ", Bai Xiaoli opened several" good medicine ": First, more than with friends and family to communicate, so that pressure and other negative emotions have a catharsis export. Second, movement, movement enables the body to secrete endorphins, a pleasurable sensation. To participate in public welfare activities, to enhance self-esteem. Fourth, the legitimate concerns of some meaningful negative information, such as food safety class, master guard against scientific knowledge.
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April 20th, the the Zhenhai delegation to participate in Ningbo City, the 14 session of National People's Congress meeting to continue its consideration of the government work report and plan, the budget report. Representatives of SME support, social and livelihood security put forward opinions and suggestions.
Seats on behalf of Hill & Knowlton said, to be innovative institutional mechanisms to attract more social resources and participation of private capital investment and development of the real economy, to further the formation of a social atmosphere conducive to the development of the real economy.
Hu Mingjie representative said that the development of small and medium-sized enterprises are not optimistic, the Government should further increase the financial support for establishment of a risk compensation mechanism, accelerating the construction of SME credit guarantee system. To encourage financial institutions to pilot other than land, real estate mortgage business, to broaden the financing channels for SMEs.
Zheng Shimei representative said that in recent years, Ningbo, an aging population trend is growing, residents of the pension issue has become a prominent social problem. We must vigorously develop community-based home care model, the establishment of cities, districts, streets, community four pension service center. Staffing to implement and carry out pension services; government land allocation, relocation, vacated, and the transfer of the implementation of the service space in the form; nurturing and stable home nursing member team; give operational funding subsidy levels, to ensure the continuing of the Community Services for the Aged healthy development.
Bo said that the comprehensive medical protection burdens policy is the policy of the vital interests of the relationship between the masses of the people's livelihood, to establish a unified platform of health care, the implementation of health security burden reduction policies in a timely manner to develop measures to achieve as long as the burden standard line will be able to burden the year, and play a good medical Lightening protection. To increase capital investment, the progressive introduction of the policy of comprehensive burden of medical insurance for urban residents, expand the burden coverage, so that more people income.
Li Li said that the increase in the areas of migrant workers for the construction of the number of children of migrant workers of Ningbo City and more rapid growth and enormous pressure on to local educational resources proposed development planning, co-ordinate the deployment of the district educational resources; a certain number of primary, secondary efforts; migrant schools be funded subsidies, narrowing the gap of its software and hardware.
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Blond hair and blue eyes, high nose and deep purpose Russian beauty, wearing a red tai chi suits, surrounded by festive red scarf, in front of the camera waving to say hello: "Hello, everybody, I'm So dream summer, Xiamen University, College of Foreign Languages ​​teachers from Russia and we year working very hard, I feel the need to rest, I wish you all good health. "
Voice down, she take a step back, a beautiful from the potential, first set of Nanquan, then Shuaqi the pole With the background the Music Daojianrumeng "Jianrugaochao, the hands of the knife whipped as a swallow ...
This is the fifteenth year of the Su dream summer martial arts. From the 14-year-old Su dream summer side reading side of exercise, she is a dual master of the Moscow Institute of International Relations and the French Institute of Administration, working for the UN Refugee Agency to Japan to learn Aikido, and later access to the Chinese martial arts in the United States, the endless obsession , then resigned from the World Bank's work to bring the deposit to the Chinese study with a teacher.
Because it came around school Kung Fu Su dream of summer school, extra efforts and seriously, the side of learning in modern Chinese dialogue, side to learn ancient Chinese, to check a lot of teachers introduced to her "martial arts secrets", a day Zama step training routines, up to the time day 5 hours. Hard work pays off, she got Chenjiagou Taijiquan Invitational tai chi sword silver and Ha Chi sword competition gold medal, and was invited to do martial arts performances in the Strait Forum.
Chinese kung fu is not only the Soviet Union dream summer exercise, a good helper to ease the pressure on her cross-border marriage "matchmaker", when she and her boyfriend is the understanding of Xiamen to practice tai chi. Later, her boyfriend escalated into her husband, So dream summer, deeper into the lives of the Chinese.