Of course, this host is free of charge. There are many more long-term vision. Pay to become a regular dealer can have a more secure server. Therefore, some people make a pot of gold with a free host, direct pay provider to become a distributor. Is king, so that stability is of overriding importance. Course ~ their free web hosting is also very stable. At least I know, this free server has been in operation for 2 years, there is no collapse, it should be no problem. At least they are still profitable. So there is no collapse Oh. . I am optimistic. Oh! Beside the point, I will give you the functionality of this platform
Your own permissions
A background free opening account
Delete accounts, suspend the account upgrade account space and permissions
3 Package set (can add 100M-10G space), and database FTP account
Domain settings: your account can be set to the second level domain name, you can increase the five domain names as a second level domain
Language management: The site itself is only the English version, functional management: You can set the function of commercial space and free space.
Payment network: support PayPal payment platform. Of course, Taobao transaction
E-mail settings: When the registered user account or apply for space system will send an email to the user
This e-mail is in English.
SEO settings: set you free space advertising. Text and graphics
Welcome page: there will be after the opening of a default page! You can be made into advertising. As needed
10 control layout: an independent control layout, the original English
11 is similar to cpanel
These are your own authority. These permissions are completely free of charge. Free web hosting providers give you free space, you are just middlemen, profit, or 100 percent. You say to those who do cheap web hosting, earn earthshaking you can not dig treasure to sell space?
Next, we talk about. If the application of this platform. Then the provider will give you the interface, as
(1) a registration interface
User login interface
3 user feedback interface
(4) the password back interface
(5) payment gateway interface
User to control the layout style design! Background using CSS and DIV tag design.
With these you can create a Web site of the entity. The user can apply for your space.
Not only can you do fees space. You can also offer free space. Then look at your mood! Cool is not? ~ I feel so cool
Next, I tell you how to operate.
Is actually very simple, is to let everyone know that the price of your virtual host, very cheap, you can sell lower than the market price. And the server is pretty stable, speed is not bad. With the quality of the environment, you want a cheap host too much. But also a lot of soon collapse. Therefore, you need to have excellent marketing tool and a stable server. Server but also can enhance the quality better. Of course, this requires money. ! Of course, in the early webhost server is fully adequate, only time money can be N-10G
Space. Station group can. Of course, do not recommend the construction of the SE station. So that you can make money stable. Perhaps you have yet to understand how to make 100% profit, then I give you to be a diagram analysis
                  Hosting Plans 1 → 100 yuan ↘
                 ↗ Hosting Plans → 60 yuan ↘
To buy their own host - User → Hosting Plans → 80 → (sales methods) = 9999 +
                 To ↘ host packages → 60 yuan ↗
                   Hosting Plans N → 60 yuan ↗
Host = provider host platform! This virtual host platform is no ceiling. You can open an unlimited number of hosts. But the maximum limit is 10GB! If you need more. You can promote the assembly line. Can also be paid. As long as you use free hosting webhost to earn enough to 4000 yuan. I'll help you purchasing the commercial version of the host. The commercial version is very to the power Oh. Unfortunately, if purchased. You need mid-purchase. The commercial version is the year paid. Of course to make money depends on how your vision. . Think about it. If you are one week to buy out the 20 and 100 yuan host! You will earn it! They want to, you know.
To the end. . Here I believe we know the source of cheap virtual host. Of course, this is only part of If you are interested in exchange! ! You can also contact me.
Good start to our subject!
Today, in the time of writing this article ~ I tangled for a long time. Released in the end, still not released. Because there may affect the business of the many people who dig in to buy a few dollars to tens of dollars on virtual host owner estimates that I took a kitchen knife, but I was under the determination to publish it simply disrupting the market , IDC market reshuffle. Another reason is that the domestic hosting industry pressure breath. So now, many owners are abroad to buy space to domestic policy continue to go on strict. IDC market abroad will be the Chinese owners of the first consumer choices. This trend will make a cheap host earned earthshaking. Therefore, I will comply with the overall situation, so that more owners have a share.
Next, I explain the low-cost virtual host operations.
Actually very simple,
First: the need for a virtual host provider. (Important)
Second: A Chinese control platform, and a website
Third: a dig the Po account, or QQ shopping account
Better have more than three things, you can start a cheap virtual host operating
A lot of people will ask, how do you know?
My answer is: I have already begun my dream of getting rich. Oh, the answer satisfactory?
I mentioned the need for a free web hosting provider is very important. Because that is your weapon, your fundamental survival. I have a free virtual host platform. Note Oh, this is not what agents. Is absolutely free web hosting platform. Is the foreign provider's own R & D background. Order not to affect the interests of those who do cheap virtual host, I do not open this free webhost site.
First of all, I let everyone look at the features of this platform. Because these functions. Cheap host will make money.
I have to tell you about the basic information of the host.
The virtual host can open unlimited user applications. To the user is opening the ceiling of 10GB, 5 FTP accounts can be opened, the binding of a primary domain and the four sub-domains, there are five parked domains. His benefits is that you can in your account to establish an unlimited number of users. Each user can create up to 10GB of space, or free. Remember that this is not an infinite space, and then opened in the same account the site. Each user are independent. You have an independent user-controlled layout to provide to your users.
Dotcom-monitor from time to time will elect the 10 most popular host for performance monitoring and ranking them. The monitoring points across the globe. In recent tests, Bluehost's outstanding performance in the speed indicator on and won the first name.
The selected Dotcom-monitor host company: Bluehost is, Inmotionhosting, GoDaddy WebHostingPad, Hostgator, Fatcow, 1and1, NetworkSolutions and webhosting.att.com and so on. Main monitoring data including the response speed of the server, the file download speeds and page loading speed.
The following is the above hosting service providers around the world, the average page load speed.
It can be seen from the figure above, Bluehost is the best performance, regardless of access from that place in the world, its performance is ideal, this is not difficult to understand, Bluehost is self-built data center has a large bandwidth, and the backbone is directly connected to performance should be good. Followed by another famous U.S. veteran hosting service provider high-performance virtual host Inmotionhosting.
In this report, I found a cheap host in the United States on behalf of GoDaddy, its performance is actually very good, came in third. Another host service providers more surprising is the DreamHost indicators rankings, but still ranked last. In view of the company's reputation has been very good user, this data is estimated that the hardware facilities are not kept pace with the relevant and recent rapid development.
At the end of the report, Dotcom-monitor also specifically highlighted the performance of two monitoring sites in China. Hostgator, from a global perspective, from the composite indicator is good, but from China to visit the corresponding site, and often inaccessible. Another company, we should all know, that is, GoDaddy, Dotcom, monitor found GodDaddy DNS server in the country are often not normally visit resulted in the domain name can not be resolved. This feedback collected from domestic GoDaddy users and the author basically.
Dotcom-monitor use of the host on its monitoring network performance data, but more concerned with domestic owners faster access which the host from the domestic. Host review hosting space network performance monitoring laboratory is to work closely, will be the domestic popular U.S. host to monitor and publish the data in order to assist owners to find the most favorite host products. Data is beginning to come at the end of this month published, please wait patiently.
Since May Webhostingpad host high-profile launch of Chinese station http://cn.webhostingpad.com and Alipay service also officially entered the host camp. In fact, early in China before its in the international market has a high visibility. This accumulation of well-known not only thanks to its standard of service has a high reputation, thanks to its host market has created the myth of cheap. 
Virtual host highlight the low-cost characteristics 
Although the products on the mainframe market is innovation, but from the consideration of the establishment of the station costs, account for half of the virtual host in the market. Users to buy virtual host fancy low-cost characteristics, therefore, the virtual host to enhance the market competitiveness of the price we must take the absolute advantage. Webhostingpad host adhering to provide customers with the best hosting solutions of the purpose, and also introduced two cost-effective web host package. Power Plan packages have unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and free domain name and free website builder, presented low as $ 1.99 / month. Power Plan Plus, another virtual host packages, although the price is slightly higher, but at only $ 3.99 / month. And exciting is that the packages have the gift of free domain and free website builder, also has a free SSH access, free SSL certificate and a free and independent IP presented. Order two virtual host packages with discount code greatchina15 and greatchina25 can discount $ 15 and $ 25, is obviously great value. 
Virtual host to show the high performance qualities of 
Cheap no good merchandise here in Webhostingpad, obviously it is not established, because the virtual host is not only low prices, but also has high performance. First of all, its world-class data center, the host computer room set up in the country visit the fastest, California, United States, the engine room are made of high-quality brands of equipment, you can protect the user site with 99.9% of the online running time. Secondly, the e-commerce functionality is powerful, not only to provide round-the-clock server security monitoring, and advanced firewall services, but also provides OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Password Protected Directories and open source PGP / GPG encryption services. In addition, the electricity provider of data security needs, its also provides weekly data backup service. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the virtual host is equipped with the powerful cPanel panel, with this panel, users can easily manage their own website. And for the convenience of the user establishment of the station, also offers hundreds of template web design software patents sitebuilder. In short, the virtual host performance is very excellent. 
The domestic hosts have to compete for market share, price competition, however, very few hosting providers in terms of both price and performance can be taking into account, so Webhostingpad virtual host to maintain the advantages of low-cost high-performance on the basis of Obviously it is a miracle in the virtual host on the market. With these two prominent advantages Webhostingpad virtual host will be able to fast in China, played one of their own sky.