BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) protocol is mainly used for the interconnection between Internet AS (autonomous system), the most important features of BGP is to control the spread of routes and choose the best route. China Netcom and China Telecom have the AS number (autonomous system number), the majority of the major network operators through the BGP protocol and its own AS number to interconnect. Use this program to achieve dual-line CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) for IDC's own IP addresses and AS numbers, and then by the BGP protocol to this paragraph IP address broadcast to Netcom, China Telecom and other network operators to use BGP will judge of the protocol Internet, Netcom and Telecom's backbone routing equipment to IDC room IP section of the best route to ensure that high-speed access to Netcom, China Telecom users. This program the following advantages: 1. The server only needs to set an IP address, best access route from the backbone routers on the network routing hops with other technical indicators to determine not take up any system resources of the server. Uplink routing and downstream routing of the server can choose the best path, they are able to truly high-speed single-IP two-lane access. Two. BGP protocol itself has a redundant backup to eliminate the characteristics of the loop, so when multiple BGP interconnection lines IDC service providers can achieve the mutual backup routing, routing will automatically switch to other lines in a line failure. 3. BGP protocol can also make the network a highly scalable IDC network with other operators can interconnect easily single IP multi-line, so that all users of the Internet operators access soon. This is a dual-IP lane can not be compared. BGP program is the best solution, but due to equipment investment and bandwidth of this program needs to IDC provider into the larger and technically more complex, so this program is limited to a stronger professional IDC service providers. In summary, a variety of two-lane to achieve its own way the advantages and disadvantages of dual-IP lane lower cost, but the network is not stable enough and take a lot of server resources, ordinary single IP line just part of the double line effect poor access speed, the CDN on the static pages effect pages effect of the strong interaction is very good but not ideal, the BGP single IP line to solve all the above problems is the best way to achieve the domestic use of such programs IDC service providers less able to BGP single IP lane and CDN to accelerate the combine will be the optimal solution. The country have combined BGP technical solutions data center, but mostly to provide services for special customers, there is little for ordinary users and IDC Business of the engine room.

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