ancient chinese health
Regimen, since ancient times for the public health disease prevention and weight regulation. With the progress of human society and the development of science and culture, the contents of the camera gave birth has gradually formed a variety of health science. The ancient Chinese regimen, Hao Fu superb argument, then a lot of exposition scattered set out in a variety of ancient literature, now, according to the information collected, China, part of ancient health literature and its author's main health care thought the implementation of the national National Fitness Program, to the modern people to enlightenment.


Of I, surnamed Li, name ear, the word delay. About Born in the Spring and Autumn Period (about 570 BC), thinkers, and reportedly lived for more than three hundred years old. "I," a book, also known as "moral by the" Department of philosophical works, which also contains a lot of health thinking. I main to Zhang Shunhu natural, Chingjing inaction, caused by virtual pole, keep quiet Benedict; contentment. That the static wins impatient, against life and life of thick, that is to take care of their own too excessive; that prebiotics said Cheung, lust greed is ominous.


Of Zhuangzi (about 369 BC, a former 286 years), the word son Hugh, philosophers. The main health ideas include: "quietism" ecstasy, desire, and that "all things enough to scratch heart, so static also. Quiet repose in order to maintain form, namely: to hold God to quiet, form will be self-being, "God will keep shape, initially reveal the static and dynamic combination of repose, is more conducive to health and longevity.


Of Guan Zhong (? A BC 645), Yiwu, Zizhong early Spring and Autumn politicians. The book of the tube may care for future generations made. His health ideas are: (l) that the "mortal Health, will be to ping is" ping is "health, including optimism correct section five desires to go to two fierce go better; (2) advocate Emptiness Tim Discovery for the nourishment of the mind. That the only "Desire is declared, Xuan Zejing men; static is fine, the fine is independent of men; alone is Ming, Ming God carry. (3) that "Static wins impatient", "static is too impatient is lost." (4) to promote "old you long to consider," If the old is not long into account, the storm is dried up ". That elderly people do not often their brains to think, then, will soon become to stay in Dayton, promote aging.