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Basic interpretation of
Qigong of the qigong qìgōng qigong qigong (prana successful) is unique to the Chinese people, the contents of the Chinese medicine theory as the core guiding the tune of God "practice.
Qigong has a long history in China, in ancient times, the contents of the qigong usually referred to as breathing, guided, Qi, convinced, alchemy, religious, meditation, and so on. Rarely the word "Qigong" in the ancient records, the occasional reference to "Qigong", there is no complete explanation.
Until the 1950s, Liu Guizhen in qigong therapy practice, "a book wrote:" The word 'gas', meaning here on behalf of breathing 'power' word is to continually adjust the breathing and posture exercises ...... "general that the word "Qigong" has since been identified and spread. Some foreign data Qigong translated as "deep breathing exercises, some books also true copy, apparently not understanding the true meaning of qigong, in fact, qigong exercises, including breathing, body potential, the idea of ​​three types of means of each category means they There are a variety of training methods, take a deep breath in one of the only one of many respiratory training methods. Be seen that the definition of qigong interpreted as "take a deep breath training methods, it is too one-sided.
In fact, the ancient health home, "prana" and "gas" are two different concepts. Popular talk, "prana" is the first human birth energy, "qi" energy is acquired through breathing and eating. Qigong is acquired through breathing and other methods to provide power for a priori "prana" to achieve the health fitness, longevity effect.
From a medical point of view the definition of Qigong: Qigong is a self-training through the tune of God and make their own air-to become a co-ordinated exercise.
As the science forward, we can use the knowledge of modern science to understanding of qigong, which will further deepen our understanding of Qigong in real terms.
If you look from the perspective of modern behavioral medicine, Qigong is the benign behavior of a physical and mental health, learning and training, the final fixed behavior therapy in a conditioned reflex.
If from qigong role of psychological physiology process to see, then, can Qigong defined as: the main is through the use of self implied as the core means, to promote awareness into the self-hypnotic state, mental - physical - form of self-adjustment mechanism to adjust physical and mental balance, to achieve The fitness cure the purpose of self-training methods.

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