eng qi gong
Zhang Guangde and guided Qigong. Zhang Guangde, born in 1932, Tangshan, Hebei Province. His childhood love of martial arts. Admitted to the Beijing Institute of Physical Education in 1955 martial arts professional, outstanding. After graduation in 1959 to teach test body School of Graduate School in 1960, China's first batch of martial arts graduate. Is preparing to put energy into the martial arts career, suffering from diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis, thrombocytopenia; 1974 also got lung cancer and was hospitalized. Because of his suffering from various diseases, allergic constitution, not medication, life in dying. Zhang Guangde not negative and pessimistic, launched a tenacious struggle with the disease. Systematic study of Chinese medicine theory, meridian theory, a large number of read a lot of information in the ancient regimen, martial arts, tai chi, and based on the well-known chronic diseases, physical therapy exercises, in the spring of 1976 to compose the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases Shuxin Ping blood function, prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, Qi Yang Fei Gong and other health exercises in seven sets of guidance, after practice, Zhang Guangde suffering from several diseases are healed, restored to health, lung cancer, thrombocytopenia has also been evident better, to return to teaching first-line in April 1980. Guided Qigong compose process, Zhang Guangde has counseled more than 3,000 practitioners, the efficacy rate of 97%, markedly effective rate was 80%, by the love and esteem of the masses, for two consecutive years in Hebei Province, Tangshan City, as the advanced persons. 1982 Beijing named sports activists. In April 1983, the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wuhan City, convened for the first time massage, the Daoyin academic experience-sharing sessions, Zhang Guangde guided Qigong performances at the meeting by the delegates praise, Wuhan stations, Hubei Radio, "Changjiang Daily "and other news media carried a report of his deeds and exercises.

Hubei provincial party secretary Shen met due to Luo, Wuhan Institute of Medical Sciences and Wuhan Iron and Steel Company, he made a special video, and organized a guided Qigong classes. Zhang Guangde on behalf of the Beijing Institute of Physical Education in September 1983 took part in held in Beijing, China, Japan, West Germany, three sports colleges academic exchanges, and Shu Xinping blood power report delivered by the scientific research first prize. Japan, the United States, Australia, Greece has repeatedly sent people to the learning. Guided Qigong has caused the great importance of the medical profession at home and abroad, the sports sector and welcomed by the masses, the Friends of the rehabilitation of the majority of patients. In October 1984, China Prospect Publishing House published "seeker Qigong, includes: the Shuxin Ping Gong of blood, Qi Yang Fei Gong, and the stomach and spleen function, sparse ribs Bones power, refreshing rather magic, aged nine meridian dynamic power, guided care work, with a total print run of 180 000 3 000 copies. Effectively promote the popularity of guided Qigong throughout the country.

Li Shaobo and infuriating to run France. Li Shaobo, Anping County, Hebei Province, was born in 1910. School of Medicine of Gansu Province, the chief physician. Director of any Gansu Province infuriating run method, of infuriating running law director of the Institute, the China Qigong Scientific Research Association. Li Shaobo practicing qigong for 50 years. A child he was frail and sick, suffered from nervous breakdown, often husband sleep for acid stomach pain, constipation embolism, scrawny. Adult suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis but also of the and silicosis, plus cranes knee wind, knee patella pain and swelling, walks with difficulty. Often through the night, chest pain, such as cutting, heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, tinnitus, numbness of the limbs, the case of cold chills, when heated, sweating, pain in His grandfather was teach him to find cited the law to practice breathing, and awarded the "Do not drug interpretations" roll, so that it can explore the illnesses and survival of the road. Since then he has for decades on end, adhere to practice qigong, and repeated practice summary to discover and explore. In addition to cure themselves of various diseases, physical health, but also worked out a really strong infuriating to run the five-step power law, repeatedly used in clinical healing of chronic diseases on a variety of long rule of all able to achieve more satisfactory results. Also confirmed through scientific experiments, the scientific nature of this approach. Infuriating run method since the formation of the first draft of all the attention and support, mimeographed several times very quickly obtain a. By the Gansu People's Publishing House published in November 1979, has attracted the interest of people from all walks of life, have the letter visit, provide valuable advice to require updating. Gansu People's Publishing in July 1986 should readers require republication updated infuriating run method. Apart from some updating of the original, also part of the dynamic power. Li Shaobo to promote the "infuriating run Act also been conducted, to conduct classes. Out-patient treatment, research and exploration work. Learn and participate in practice infuriating run throughout the country, and infuriating run method to promote the base set up in Hangzhou, many medical institutions, scientific research infuriating run, the results show that it is to improve human life functions, to improve intelligence ideal role.

Of Zhang Mingwu and qigong self-control therapy. Zhangming Wu Shandong Linxian County, was born in December 1920. Meter factory in Beijing in the 1950s. Died in November 1990, at the age of 70 years of age, Zhang Mingwu since 1979 in Beijing, coach self self-control therapy, social benefits and most famous; he was involved in the initiative after the formation of the "Cultural Revolution" first provincial municipal Qigong - Beijing Qigong Research Association and vice chairman of the formation of the Beijing Miyun (reservoir) Qigong Controls Tumor Prevention and the United Christian Hospital and Dean, also employed Ren Zhonghua of Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong research consultant (1981), Honorary Director of the China Qigong Scientific Research Association (1986 years).

Zhang Mingwu to do painting work had benzene poisoning, induced hypertension, coronary heart disease and other serious illness, he is desperate patients in the medical treatment of ophthalmic little effect by learning and practicing Qigong and to rehabilitate. He has learned Chiang Wei, Zhou Qian Chuan, Hu Yaozhen, Guo Lin Zhu famous Qigong, through long-term practice practice, the arrangement of the "qigong self to therapy". Teach the power of economic man, he traveled to the capital size of the park, teach successful training counselors. The establishment of a counseling station 21, treated more than 5000 cancer patients and patients with difficult diseases of tens of thousands of people more than a decade, and well received by the patients received. In order to meet the requirements of patients across the country, he pro-spit all over the start-up "qigong self-control therapy classes, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Hunan, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia , 25 Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have left his footprint, he hosted the national classes of 39, more than 90,000 students. He taught successful recording almost reverberates throughout the country, a strong impetus to the popularity of the National Qigong. Zhangming Wu is to meet the needs and observational study of qigong on cancer clinical treatment of patients with medical workers in the western suburbs nine main tomb Miyun Reservoir area in 1985 and 1986 have established the Office of qigong self-control clinical trials of base, with over 300 beds, so that cancer patients seeking treatment no survivor, thus Zhang Mingwu famous at home and abroad, affect the breadth and depth. Kobe, Japan, the establishment of self-control therapy; West Germany, the United States, Canada, Singapore and other countries have someone to video. Film. According to the 1982 Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao "contains: Qigong self-control therapy" in many countries has been the rise of qigong self-published by the wind to the therapy, the China Foreign Languages ​​Press in English, French issued a total of 20,000 copies, is still in short supply. He published a total of 19 versions of the self-control qigong books, and translated into English, French, Japanese and other text issued in a foreign country, because of his outstanding contributions to the Qigong, Beijing Qigong research will be awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for his qigong science .

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