china's relations with China

Relationship with the porcelain
Into the 17th century, Western Europe, the royal family and the court began to rise collection of Chinese porcelain of the wind. Now collected in Germany Kassel (Keisel Head) Grande Museum, a blue bowl, coat of arms pattern of 卡泽伦博格 Earl (1435-1455), the existing first European's identified the Ming Dynasty porcelain for centuries Hesse family heirlooms. Portugal has opened a new route, porcelain into the European society's most precious gift. Wasi Jia Da Gama, Al Manda have to win in porcelain, Pu Wang, Manuel El I favor. Existing Lisbon Cortes gallery Jose, Cortes, and India have Manuel El I (1469-1521) coat of arms of the blue and white porcelain pot, the first Chinese export porcelain manufactured by special order in Western Europe. Masanori, Jiajing, Most of these orders by the Portuguese traders to Europe. 1604 Dutch looted loaded porcelain back to Europe, the Portuguese galleon San Catlin (Santa Caterina), this group of Chinese porcelain named Kraaksporeleint and transported to the Amsterdam auction, the French King Henry IV, King James I of England is also involved in purchase So the influence of Chinese ceramics in Europe and spread like wildfire. Porcelain originated in the seventeenth century, and continued to the eighteenth century European Rococo style (Rococo) artistic style, vivid, beautiful, light Qian, natural features, its advocacy of the art style and Chinese artistic style in the exquisite, soft The slim and elegant and the same thing. Rococo style prevalent in France, Frenchman Chinese tea, silk, porcelain is particularly preferred. France is the European literature and art, art, drama, etiquette, clothing, decoration follow the example of center, so the "Chinese style" items spread throughout the European community.
The porcelain entering Europe, the French hero game was popular fiction the shepherdess Aisitanlai "pull the same (Celadon) called celadon. Louis XIV command Prime Minister Mazarin founded armor coat of arms of French porcelain, custom-made to Guangdong marked Versailles contains special rooms collection of Chinese ceramics; the 17th century the British directly with Chinese goods ( of chinaware) alleged porcelain from China. Britain's Queen Mary II is also obsessed with Chinese porcelain, specifically set up a number of glass cases to display various types of porcelain in the uterus. So British society will pop up, Chinese porcelain decoration and daily atmosphere porcelain had become the living room and the chamber is essential furnishings.
China the word along with the wide dissemination of Chinese porcelain in the UK and continental Europe in favor of a porcelain synonymous with "China" and "porcelain" has become inseparable pun.
  Porcelain According to the "word of English and Chinese sea The English-Chinese Word-Ocean Dictionary" (the king billion main compiler, introduced the National Defense Industry Press, 1987) China entry, China, as the meaning of porcelain, is derived from Persian chini (China or Chinese people), due to China, said the impact of this notation, resulting in a vowel sound change, the chini into china, porcelain proper nouns.
As for this change is unknown, but ultimately, when finalized be sure, it is based on the brilliant achievements of ancient Chinese ceramics, and ceramic spread caused by the road, making this unique Chinese characteristics items that are loved by the people of the world, China and porcelain always combine together.
China the term there is an origin of. , The English pronunciation of "CHINA" from the the Jingdezhen historical name CHANGNAN and Jingdezhen porcelain in order to highlight the influence and position in the world.
Have another origin of the word China: China Shaanxi dialect pronunciation the Chang'an word of transliteration. Chang An (Shaanxi dialect pronunciation) = CHINA; ancient times to the capital on behalf of the habits of the country, and most of the capital seat of language pronunciation as the official pronunciation (the basis of Mandarin in Beijing, the Ming Dynasty in the early stages of the emperor moved the capital Beijing is still popular Nanjing that has flown missions to North Korea, specifically with two of Nanjing in order to facilitate learning on the road to Beijing Nanjing dialect).

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