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Proposed by Comrade Mao Zedong in Yan'an in 1940, the CPC Central Committee approved, the school changed its name to China Medical University. In July 1946, the school was ordered to the army to advance northeast to reach Heilongjiang Xingshan (now hegang) in November 1948, northeast of the whole territory of liberation, the school was ordered stationed in Shenyang, the merger of the former national Shenyang Medical College (formerly known as Manchuria Medical University, 1911 established by the South Manchurian Railway Company in Japan) and the former private Liaoning Medical College (formerly known as Mukden Medical University, was established by the Church of England) in 1882. In 1948, the four campuses in the Northeast, was subsequently Harbin Medical University, Yanbian Medical College (now the Yanbian University School of Medicine), Chengde Medical College. In 1952, an independent establishment of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shenyang College of Pharmacy (now Shenyang Pharmaceutical University). Mr. Guo Moruo wrote its name to China Medical University.
  China Medical University, China Medical University in the creation and development process, much of the attention and care of the CPC Central Committee and the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries. The beginning of the school, Comrade Mao Zedong for the school to establish a "firm political belief and good" school policy, Zhu De, Ye Jianying, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. In the Yan'an period, the central leadership of Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying and Wang Jia-xiang, He Long, Chen Yun, Hu Yaobang made many trips to school inspections, make a report. Of 14 graduates of the school in July 1941, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote an inscription to "heal the sick, the implementation of revolutionary humanitarianism" has become the motto of the school students and teachers and medical workers. In the the Yan'an exhibition of the Chinese Medical school tenth anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong wrote an inscription to "do well, Comrade Zhu De wrote an inscription:" work hard ". In March 1950, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai once again to the school inspection, encouraged the teachers and students continue to run in the period of socialist construction the people of the Medical University. In 1991, Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally the party and state leaders of China Medical University, School History, "a book inscribed title, and Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Yang Shangkun, Chen Yun, Li Xiannian, Peng Zhen, Deng Yingchao Tieying and other school inscription. In 2001, Li, Li Guixian, Wu Jieping inscription for the school.
School so far, the school advanced medical expertise to train 52,000 more than graduates from all over the country and the world many countries and regions, training and creating a

Campus Scenery (18) a large number of national health, well-known leading cadres of the medical education sector and the medical profession's well-known experts and scholars from more than 200 people, according to incomplete statistics, which served as the vice ministerial level positions, the Ministry of Health, the Deputy Minister 9 bit, the generals more than 40, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering 12.
At present, China Medical University, has developed into the characteristics and the international influence of the Medical, medicine, pharmacy, education, science, engineering, management science and other disciplines has been formed both graduate education and undergraduate education, both of other educational multi-level personnel training system is an important base of national high-level medical personnel training and medical scientific research and technological innovation, is also an important window for international medical education, academic exchanges between China and Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries.
  China Medical University, China Medical University is one of the former subordinates of the Ministry of Health, 10 colleges and universities, colleges and universities throughout the country in March 2000 management system, the school transferred from the Ministry of Health for the Province, the Ministry of build, mainly the management of Liaoning Province.
Existing school staff 7630 people, including professional and technical staff of 6126 people, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, are senior 448, 676 associate professors, doctoral student and instructor 205, Master Instructor 562 people. Teachers served as chairman of the 4 people in the China Medical Association and other national academic bodies, served as vice chairman of the 11 as the Standing Committee (executive director) more than 50 members (directors) to more than 60 people. 2 is the State Council Degree Committee Subject 评议组成员. 17 people have received the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the honorary title or the funding of medical and health science and technology in the country one hundred stars, the level of Ministry of Personnel 100 million project 100 people. There are 32 people of the province of young college academic leaders, Provincial Universities and Colleges of outstanding young teachers, 86 young teachers to enter the Liaoning Province, "Millions of Talents Training Program.
At present, all types of students at the school, the school a total of 20,287 people, including 818 doctoral and 1543 graduate students, 885 postgraduate courses, undergraduates and 5985, the 1781 junior college students, online education in this, the 4504 junior college students, adults 4004 people in our college students, secondary school students to 673 people, 94 foreign students and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students.
  China Medical School with Graduate School of Basic Medicine, School of Public Health and Forensic Medicine, (International) School of Nursing, the First Clinical College, Second Clinical College, Third Clinical College, the Fourth Clinical College, School of Stomatology, Department of Medical Informatics, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Pathology, Department of Sports Medicine, Medical Laboratory, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of the Polytechnic Faculty, Clinical Medical College of Higher Vocational and Technical College (affiliated secondary health schools), the network 28 secondary schools of the College of Education, Adult Education, in experimental animals such as the Department, Faculty of. Has a degree-granting schools in the five disciplines of education, science, engineering, medicine and management, basic medicine and clinical medicine with a doctorate from the disciplines of granting; has 43 doctoral disciplines (professional), 55 master's degree authorization disciplines (professional), with clinical medicine (seven-year, six-year foreign language class, five-year pediatric classes, sports medicine, clinical diagnostic pathology), oral medicine, forensic medicine, preventive medicine, nursing Information Management and Information System (Medicine), Medical Imaging, Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy), biomedical engineering, biological sciences and biotechnology, medical tests, such as 11 undergraduate majors; has clinical (community health), nursing, Oral technology, medical imaging technology, the technology of Optometry, Laboratory Animal Technology, Multimedia Technology, Medical Laboratory information management (medical), medical insurance, etc. 10 higher vocational and technical college education professional. Undergraduate education in the completion of the Ministry of Education "facing the key issues on the basis of the teaching in the 21st Century content and curriculum system reform plan", launched a comprehensive education and teaching reform projects of the Ministry of Education, two of the new century, the teaching content of the "integrated curriculum pilot class and curriculum integration teaching experiment; won national and provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award and the Award for excellent teaching material in the National University at the forefront. Since 1999, the school graduates participated in the practitioners test scores among the best in the national medical institutions. Graduate education quality assurance system has improved constantly, the establishment of a joint training methods and curricula of the two disciplines and related disciplines, creative way to take in the domestic training links management "mode, to ensure the quality of degrees granted.
  China Medical School with medical diseases of respiratory system, endocrine medicine, general surgery, public health, Dermatology and Venereology 5 national key disciplines; has a cell biology laboratory, Congenital deformity laboratory, immune dermatology experiment 3 Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Health of the room, etc.; has three basic medicine, clinical medicine, biology postdoctoral; There are three national training centers, two national drug research base, a children's rescue center; set There are 10 provincial colleges and universities key disciplines, 12 of Liaoning Province (Therapy) Center, 22 School Institute (center), eight colleges class central laboratory, 15 independent Laboratory. In January 1997, eight internal medicine (respiratory disease), cell biology, pediatrics, molecular biology, surgery (general surgery), Dermatology and Venereology, oncology, medical imaging and other key subjects through the Ministry of Health, the provincial government and Shenyang Municipal Government construction "211 Project" key discipline review. Since the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the school's research work has made leaps and bounds, assume a large number of national scientific and technological projects, the national "863 Project, the national" 973 "sub project of National Natural Science Foundation and the provincial and ministerial level key projects. A large number of national, provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, including a number of national scientific and technological progress second prize, third prize.
The school has three science and technology enterprises, China Medical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Medical Science and Technology Development Company, China Medical University, medical device research and development center. Pharmaceutical factory developed "the injection defibrase" by the National Pharmaceutical and Biological Products Inspection inspection report confirmed that comprehensive than similar foreign products in the product quality reached the international advanced level, the State Drug Administration as a national standard , won several domestic and international awards. The development of medical devices developed by the development center home the heart of information storage monitor (heart BP machine) and ECG telephone transmission system for the Ministry of Science and Technology focus to promote new products by the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.
  China Medical School subsidiary of four general hospitals and two specialty hospitals, the departments in-one system, the hospital beds in total, 3927. First Affiliated Hospital of the hospitals of, into the ranks of the national "Top 100 Hospital" by the Central Propaganda Department awarded the Ten Outstanding window model units, beds 2000, 31 medical departments, 11 medical technology departments, Dr. disciplines and 26 master disciplines 26, the medical focus on medicine, surgery, oncology, and medical characteristics for major organ transplants and multiple organ transplantation, vascular surgery, interventional treatment, diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors, respiratory diagnosis and treatment of disease, cataract, and fundus treatment, plasmapheresis. Hospitals of the country, the Second Affiliated Hospital (the Shengjing the hospital) to enter the ranks of the national "Top 100 Hospital" bedspace 3500, 42 medical departments, 11 medical departments, 26 Doctoral, Master disciplines 26, the focus of medical diagnosis for pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, epidemiology, imaging department, surgical, medical characteristics of children with surgical diseases, diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary disease, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, colon disease, as well as ultra-low rectal resection for cancer, and so on, radiological interventional treatment of sigmoid vagina, perinatal medicine, severe scoliosis correction surgery, diagnosis and treatment of severe hepatitis, cord blood stem cell transplantation for malignant tumors and leukemia. Third Affiliated Hospital (400 Shengjing Hospital gliding Branch) is one of the Liaoning Province, two top ten hospitals, beds, 25 medical departments, medical departments of seven master disciplines 14. Fourth Affiliated Hospital (formerly Shenyang Railway Bureau Hospital) 1150 open beds, oncology, ophthalmology, tuberculosis, mental disease treatment as the main feature. Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, the province's largest oral specialist hospitals, 60 bedspaces, nine medical departments, medical departments of seven, a Doctoral, Master disciplines a medical characteristics of oral and maxillofacial surgery plastic surgery, maxillofacial surface tumors, Orthodontics. Mental Health Hospital of China Medical University, the Northeast is the largest mental hospital with 80 beds.
Schools are now a total area of ​​3.29 million square meters of land for construction of new campus (including levy of 1.34 million square meters), the existing building area of ​​743,000 square meters, planning a construction of the new campus construction area of ​​535,000 square meters (2005 put into use). The library is a shared network of medical literature resources for the Ministry of Health Northeast Center Museum, National Medical Health Novelty advisory unit, the Northeast of China Medical Information Network node, more than 82.3 million copies of the total collection of books. School-sponsored 10 kinds of national, provincial magazine. Department of Experimental Animal Quality Testing Center of Experimental Animal Center of Liaoning Province and Liaoning Province in experimental animals, breeding all levels of teaching, scientific research and experimental animals 23 lines.
The school has a good exchange and cooperation relations with Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, the country's 46 universities, research institutions and organizations; visiting delegations to 1001, visiting experts, scholars, 3171; 201 internationally renowned experts and scholars employed as a school honorary titles; carried out 49 major international cooperation project; over 40 disciplines to establish a stable and cooperative relations with foreign countries; 3508 people have sent teachers to foreign training, lectures and study tours; train foreign students 428 students and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students. China Medical school in 1990, was approved by the Ministry of Education, institutions of higher learning for the first enrollment of undergraduate students in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; 1999 was approved as a recruit graduate colleges and universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
The current leadership of the party secretary: Dai Wan-chun, deputy party secretary, the principal: Zhao Qun
The school address is: China's Liaoning Province, Shenyang, Heping District, north road No. 92, in front of Nam Cheong Street.
The school ranked fifty-fourth in the rankings of the 2007 evaluation prepared in 2007 the Chinese University of Natural Science 100.
The school ranked in the "2009 China University of Medical colleges ranked 11th. Medical A and other institutions.

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