china is the private health insurance
In the 1970s, Liu Qun's mother toting kits through the Village, Yau Yat Tsuen. She is a barefoot doctor. 
    30 years later, that the Qun to do something. Fortune in the pharmaceutical industry, the millionaire, poor farmers will each pay an annual fee of $ 1.3, you can discount drugs and medical examination. Liu organization by hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurance companies to participate in the Huimin Chinese medical practices "program since April, has absorbed 30 million members. He said his company will not earn any profits before the member to reach 200 million. 
    The 41-year-old Liu as well as industrialists like him to fill the gap left by the nearly 30 years of market economic reforms. While economic liberalization, the Chinese government to transfer social welfare costs originally borne by the State to employers and individuals. In this process, the dissolution of the people's commune medical cooperatives to provide free basic medical services for farmers. 
    The barefoot doctors of the Mao Zedong era long gone. Many people in rural China by the pain and suffering. 
    Rising health care costs to the rural areas many people can not go to the hospital and clinics. According to the order of the United Nations statistics, China's rural per capita annual income of $ 300. The Chinese Ministry of Health said the expensive cost of 1/3 of rural patients do not want to go to the hospital when needed in patients trying to rehabilitation prior to discharge, because they can not afford to pay the cost of continued hospitalization. 
    Charges are too high is a common phenomenon. Due to insufficient government funding, some hospitals and doctors to patients and pharmaceutical companies, the red envelope as a source of income. Will be working in China since 1988, U.S. medical device consultant Peter Zhanei Luo said: "The whole system when violations occur. In the past, medical costs very many people have to bear the now more patient have his own pocket. "
    Legal experts leaves West (sound) is committed to exposing these violations. His desk filled with complaints from people on the medical staff misconduct, including the case of a 4-year-old little girl. She fell and broke his femur, in June 2005 because doctors gave her the expensive inspection, the hospital finally receive a $ 2,500 fee to the girl's parents. 
    Ye said: "This little girl in the 53 days, 34 X-ray, sometimes four times a day. Radiation will cause long-term harm, but the hospital does not care about her health, and care only about money." For fear of reprisals. Ye do not want to say the name of the hospital in Chongqing. 
    In a survey conducted by the World Health Organization in 2005, China ranked fourth from bottom in the equality of health care. 
    The pharmaceutical giant said Liu Qun, private health insurance plans to help fill the government protection scheme can not be covered by the scope of. Under his plan, members can receive free bag of essential drugs such as painkillers and the like, to enjoy a 13.6% discount on medicines prescribed by cooperative hospital inspection can enjoy up to 20% discount. 
    Ye Far West, however, Liu plans can resolve the fundamental problem doubt it. Ye said: "This is similar to a direct sales network. Pharmaceutical companies will never lose money, the real beneficiaries are not ordinary people." 

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