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Ma auditorium and raised qigong.
Ma hall, born in 1903, died in May 1988, Hejian County, young age, with their great-grandfather to learn Chinese medicine, meridian theory and acupuncture doctrine made refers to deep and loving martial arts. North China Martial Arts Research Association, when he was studying in the Department of Education North China in 1929; 1935 of Shandong Martial Arts Dean. After the liberation was employed by Longevity Hill senior cadres of the nursing home, the People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department, the National Federation of our physicians, Chinese medicine consultant.
Ma hall since childhood learning qigong, worship hole church masters, shines the elderly as a teacher. He accumulated practical experience of medical practice and practice, the set of medical, martial arts, qigong in one, the arrangement of a complete set of "Qigong" named horse auditorium raise Qigong ". The child exercises on healing and fitness, sickness educational, treatment of many chronic diseases have a significant effect. Ministry of Health have been held in the auditorium Ma Yang Qigong classes. CCTV please Ma hall walkthrough demonstration in 1988, recording the first complete Qigong teaching films broadcast to the nation. Horse hall to do across the country over more than 70 Yang Qigong classes, more than 30,000 students, and his high visibility in the country. Yang Qigong in the country's official promotion Ma hall has nine sets of exercises, namely: Liu Zi Jue, wash the gold by the marrow, tai chi power, line power station power, sitting power, lying power, followed by massage and middle-aged health success. Horse auditorium with the China Academy of Management Management Science and Applied Research Institute cooperative research, China's first the qigong computer software, performing at the sixth World Medicine Annual Meeting, the importance attached by the countries of the world, and first-class by the scientific and technological achievements in Beijing Award. He founded during his lifetime the Zhongshan fitness, horse auditorium to raise the qigong service and horse auditorium to raise qigong schools.
Ma hall daughter Ma Xu Zhou (born in 1944) continue the horse hall Qigong. Compile a horse auditorium raised Qigong dialectical theory of governance to assist his father, aged care power> to do a teaching demonstration in the CCTV, and shot into the recorded photos, broadcast to the nation. She also based on his father's manuscripts, editing and publishing Yang Qigong "for" horse hall horse hall Yang Qigong Q & A "," Ma auditorium Yang Qigong Complete Works ", and the backbone of keeping a qigong training courses held in November 1992. founded raise Qigong publication. , Deputy director of the China Qigong Scientific Research consulting services center, presided over the work of the school of horse auditorium Qigong.
Liu Hanwen and Shan Mi Gong. Liu Hanwen, 1921, the origin Shandong Province Gaomi County. Generations ago also medical Zen the, aunt humanitarian and medical training, because the family he argued, well-established practice of medicine and meditation. Liuhan Wen Liu Shanqing with his father (also doctors also fear) moved to Dandong, Dandong physical culture. The 1950s did not work in Shenyang Heping District, sports medical clinics in Dandong City, sports medicine room and municipal nursing home wards the early sixties, has to teach Shan Mi Gong and achieved initial success, when should the demands of the masses (leadership support) to prepare further to promote Chan Mi Gong, the "Cultural Revolution" began, and had to close down. 12 Third Plenary Session of the party's future, Chan Mi Gong was brought to light.
1980, Li Nan (China Qigong Scientific Research Association Secretary-General) ancient qigong research group, mining finishing with the Liaoning Chan Mi Gong and Qigong research institutes of the National Sports Commission convened a forum on the reporting and performance. In April 1981, the Dandong physical culture to support Liu Hanwen teach the masses, Chan Mi Gong Jinjiang Mountain Qigong counseling station 357 participants, 307 people suffering from multiple chronic diseases, registration and access, has with the working people of Dandong City Gong, Martial Arts Association jointly organized the Fourth symposium summary once every two months. According to the third statistics, the effective rate of 79.4%. 1981, two years more than 200 patients with hypertension practice test study, after the identification of acceptance by the Association for Science and Technology of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province Qigong would recommend the exchange of experience to the General Assembly of the 1993 National Qigong Liu Hanwen for reporting and performing, "SPORT" to be published. 1980 Li Nan write the Shan Mi Gong Profile> Liu Hanwen write "Chan Mi Gong draft" in 1981. 1983, 1984, "Qigong and Science" and "Chinese Qigong" have published a Note in this power law and practice. 1986, 1987 years, the Hong Kong Li Book Co., Ltd., Guangdong Science and Technology Publishing House, respectively, Chan Mi Gong first draft income Illustrated popular qigong "and" popular qigong election. 1984, Liu Hanwen has held 39 national training course and advanced classes and seminars in Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Guangdong, Guizhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to teach Chan Mi Gong hands training coach members, researchers more than 8,000 people. Chan Mi Gong in 1980 to social promotion. According to incomplete statistics, at the end of 1986, has reached millions of people to participate in the exercise of Chan Mi Gong. Held in China and Hong Kong in 1988, 16 senior classes, seminars, Chan Mi Gong in China Qigong Science Research Council established a research group and research and promotion of Chan Mi Gong station in Chengde City, Chan Mi Gong counseling terminus The Dandong Chan Mi Gong counseling terminus in the country, 240 counseling stations, research stations (group). In Japan, the United States, West Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Singapore and other countries are China Chan Mi Gong tutoring stations, research centers, and Continuing Education and Liaison. In short, Chan Mi Gong at home and abroad had a huge impact, Heilongjiang People's Publishing House, "Chan Mi Gong in July 1988, 330 000 word print run of 100,000.

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