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China is a frequent visitor of the International Book Fair, and more frequently in recent years become a major book fair's guest of honor. Many people deemed this publication going out footnotes, and even evidence.

However, this logic appears to be some sloppy: increasing the scale of the exhibits copyright output bullish plane expansion. Chinese books has been "into" the mainstream Western society, how to make full use of the International Book Fair, and how close to the foreign readers - this is the problem required greater attention.

16, the opening of the global English language book market is the most important International Book Fair, London Book Fair, the guest of honor in China.

China has become the guest of honor of the International Book Fair, there is no lack of precedent: In 2004, France Paris Book Salon; 2007, Russia's International Book Fair; 2008 Seoul International Book Fair; 2009, the Frankfurt Book Fair; 2010 International Book Fair in Thessaloniki, Greece ......

The publishing industry to go out, not only is the publication of the consensus, and became the Press and Publication Administration this year's "One", the strong policy support. However, to participate in international book fairs Can the same as going out? Domestic publishers should be more rational manner, a more scientific use of the International Book Fair?

Exhibiting thermal

Into three Press went to London, Europe and the United States book market door involute

The London Book Fair's guest of honor, the Chinese publishing industry can be described as raring: a total of 181 publishing unit, Fu Ying, accounting for 30% of the total number of the National Press; exhibitors books about 10,000 kinds of events over 300 games.

Weeks group of the Ministry of External Cooperation, deputy director of the China Publishing Group to participate in the experience of the International Book Fair has more than 10 years, talk about why to participate in international book fairs, in addition to the obvious reasons of copyright trade, exchange of experience, she made special mention of the "emotional contact". , "many European countries attach great importance to human interaction, face to face communication to help enhance each other's feelings, this is a telephone and Internet communications can not be replaced."

"Dan <Analects experience" is a classic case of the Chinese book copyright exportation have been repeatedly mentioned, sold in 34 countries and regions, a record of more than 40 million copies of overseas sales. In the view of the week group, and its success is full of "human touch": "overseas copyright agent with the publishers of this book has a very good relationship, as long as he recommended the book, the publishers are willing to consider such cooperation outside in the professional, there is a mutual trust. "

Accumulate contacts, only the technical benefits "provided by the International Book Fair, crossed the waters of the fundamental driving force demand. Output Copyright 2005, the Chinese books out of the Asian mark to go also with deep, more than 80% from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries to "digest", but from four or five years ago, was felt in Europe and America market has gradually opened. the Zhonghua general manager Li Yan copyright output "Kaijiangtuotu have personal experience.

"Dan <Analects experience was once again mentioned. "It was the overseas agents take the initiative to seek them, to discuss the copyright co-operation." From this single business, Li Yan read "change," European and American markets in the past on Chinese books low, but mainly in poetry and painting. poetry as traditional culture. But now, they began to focus on contemporary Chinese people want to say, 'China fever' boil market. "

This change, Zhou Qun have exact data: China Publishing Group Corporation 2010 output to Europe and the United States copyright 2005, an increase of 13 times. "

U.S. and European markets previously closed gradually open the door, the International Book Fair is undoubtedly China published in the eyes of an excellent stepping stone. The 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair as guest of honor of the Chinese output copyright 2417, five days of the Book Fair throughout the year nearly 60% of the copyright output.

However, the industry challenged to participate in the International Book Fair of costly and broaden the international market, the difficulty is not low, but every international book fairs, Chinese publishers rush to go out, whether it contains a certain blindness? The market will be panning mechanism, the economy enough on, they will naturally returned to me. "Li Yan admitted that non-rational elements of the domestic publishing houses are now reduced, the hand of the market will help publishers find their places.

Can not be denied, the International Book Fair, we do have the misunderstanding: the Book Fair is the exhibition book. Foreign Language Teaching and Research Society of Chinese publishing Branch community covered Xingyuan first saw the large publishing company Pearson foreign exhibition was very surprised: "the book exhibition area rarely left to negotiate seats while the domestic Publishing is often the opposite zoning changing from the "Show book" to "sell books" full of Xingyuan frankly still take time.

China fever

"Art of War" the most popular, modern and contemporary works still need to expand the reader

"Going out to go into the realization of the premise is to understand the needs of foreign readers" a feature published in China, for the full Hing far more "inward" and "due to cultural barriers, the marketing focus of the Chinese Press mainly domestic, it also restricted the international perspective of the Press. "International Book Fair, many of the exhibits only is the domestic version of the foreign-weight body, did not take into account the local reader's way of thinking, cultural preferences, such products must not lead since the interest of foreigners.

Quite a few of the media in the "China fever" rendering the Western world, at first week group also thought so, but a few years overseas market experience told her, "foreign concerns do more, but did not bring a wide range of market needs. "

China Radio International show host Julian said more directly: "If the Chinese theme books, Westerners are more willing to see the works of local authors." In China to be a Frenchman, 12 years and speaks fluent Accent, in France, the best selling book "The Art of War" and "moral" As for the Chinese modern and contemporary works, the Western audience is not large.

"We hope to see a diverse real do not like to instill some kind of perspective." Julian feel that China's output of information is sometimes not complete, can not reflect the real China, "No country is perfect, no need to deliberately to create their own image. "

Best not to hold strong 'plug' outstanding culture mentality to go out, but should grasp the psychology of the foreign readers through more effective communication and exchange, to make this cultural communication more successful. "FLTRP Hou Hui, Director of International Department said, "We set up information centers in North America and Europe to better access 'to air', touch needs." If you do not pay attention to market demand, does restrict publication to go out, let alone go into.

Output thermal

Target excessive digital useless depth output, improve the national culture consciously is fundamental

Difficult to find, Press and Publication Administration "Document No." was shocked column with numbers: "strive to 'the end of the second five', copyright output exceeded 7000, the introduction of output ratio dropped to 2:1." press and publishing companies on copyright trade output with the introduction of deficit of more than 1:3, the implementation of focused surveillance. "...

These numbers define the publication going out the direction of development, but excessive digital for many publishers some worries.

Copyright output figures to reflect a plane, but can not show the depth. "Li Yan, going out to walk around and then back to the beginning a known brand, but to be erected at the local, good" depth Output assessment published in the period of time to go out to set loose, three years or five years, without the pursuit of growth year after year, with sufficient space to the depth of the output. "

This view, and full-Hing far coincides with, for example, outside the research community launch of the "Across China" and "Chinese entry" two sets of language learning materials have been developed in 2056, continues to develop, as is able to establish a brand in Western markets, "wait for the door."

Go out for publication, full Hing far never be regarded as an isolated incident, the publication can not have sprung up everywhere to go out. Publication If you go out, the Chinese film career will inevitably have to go out the "going out must be the bigger picture, only different cultural forms to go out and complement each other, support each other, to really go into.

At the government level, Li Yan also mentioned the proposal to increase the publication of the export tax rebate, Britain for hundreds of years to a zero tax policy for the publishing industry, exports of the German Book is completely tax rebate can also be more open-minded. "

Week group is keenly aware of the need to partition on the international market, improve accuracy, "the book is divided into the domestic version and the overseas edition is not desirable." Dan <Analects> experience, "the 29 version, 29 cover, and content are different.

"China" Julian had not less than Japan's life experiences, and deeply feel the Japanese culture, "put classical music in the Japanese shopping malls, fast-food restaurants sometimes put jazz." In his view, culture to go out, you need to have strong backing: the enhancement of the cultural sensitivity of all citizens.

"Going out, after all, still have to improve the national cultural self-confidence, and consciously." Full Xingyuan said.

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