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"Pain given and Si Tong, long the pain I do not know pain. Pain do not wish to Health, to bitterly more pain!" Poem to describe the embarrassment and frustration of the Chinese social reality may be something wrong, but the great achievements of reform and opening up and the complex social thorny issue, so that the conscience of people are worried about. The good news is finally sounded great cultural development and prosperity of the battle horn! But after the sonorous trumpet, rushed to the elite? Look at those people exalted red violet cultural and artistic elites show off their wealth than the width of the "feminine" face, in addition to the selfish and greedy pleasure. "Bear" heart has been a little bit of national social responsibility and mission of the arts and culture a sense Every time I see Liu Zhucheng Taiwan businessmen donated nearly 200 poor students Yuantaixuemeng, Taiwan Tzu Chi Foundation donated 50 million yuan aided Miao Village, Taiwan Miss Zhang Pingyi alone Guizhou mountain leprosy primary school aid to teach more than ten years these fresh deeds, could not help but shed a tear! "Duties," the charitable organizations of the public trust has been less than two has become! Li Ka-shing charity to everyone who donated school personally to arrange their own supervision team, not labor local "parents" and officials have to worry about! So winds collapsed they can not afford the responsibility! One has lost the cultural soul of the nation, the economy is more developed the higher of the price paid, until the loss of the people! So, if there is a growing number of Chinese from all walks of life and cultural knowledge elites from the article of Professor Zheng Yongnian unique one o'clock the right thing is the silver lining in this country of this nation!

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