chinese culture health beliefs
1) Everyone has cultural literacy, not born, nor is it the day after tomorrow spontaneous formation, but through the experience of social life, to accept the knowledge of culture and education through participation in cultural activities, gradually trained. (2) the cultivation of cultural literacy is inseparable from life, practice and education. Cultivate the cultural literacy of the citizens and countries need to vigorously develop science, culture and education, to create a good social and cultural environment for personal growth; as individual citizens, we must strive to learn, and actively practice, learn the culture of nutrition to develop their own.
Belief is a subjective judgment, and scientific belief is the belief in the law of the law on the basis of Natural Science. The ideological and moral cultivation is a person with an ideological and moral dimension of education, encouragement. Improve the ideological and moral cultivation and establish a scientific belief are complementary, the two are inseparable in the logic. Introduction: Background: today's cultural values ​​of East and West blend to produce a strong impact on the times. Question and research significance: from the reform and opening up, moral education has been in a whether the inherited tradition of scientific beliefs is independent of morality outside. Through discourse, the study hopes to clear the objective relationship between the two. 3, content and results of the paper: This paper discusses the concept of scientific beliefs and the ideological and moral cultivation, and the relationship between them, describes how to establish a scientific belief, and how to strengthen self-moral cultivation. Obtained only by adhering to the objective scientific attitude, adhering to the excellent traditional culture in order to achieve the purpose of the conclusions. Text: in the present society, to improve to establish a scientific belief, improve self-ideological and moral cultivation, the best way is to learn and inherit the excellent parts of traditional culture, the objective into the modern culture with Chinese characteristics, ideological and moral standards, while the true meaning of the clear scientific beliefs, and unswervingly safeguard the relationship between the two. What is faith: belief refers to a certain point of view, the principles and ideals formed the heart of the sincere faith. Belief is a pillar of the human spirit, is a core part of the consciousness. The main performance criteria and motivation of the people's heart. The belief is acquired, it is the variety of perspectives in the social practice, principles, theories, and career after the identification and selection gradually formed and developed together. When a person to confirm a certain ideology, a theory and a cause is correct, is the truth, and to consciously safeguard the ideological and theoretical and career, established beliefs. Most of these beliefs is the the predecessors summed up some kind of understanding. Therefore, the belief is subjective, and can not objectively reflect each person's thoughts and ideas.

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