chinese dates health benefits
In Chinese medicine, jujube Qi and spleen, and blood nourishing the heart of the role. Nutrition study found that, jujube rich in jujube polysaccharide, the role of free radicals, aging, improve immunity, especially for women to eat.
For dates, it seems that many people can give a some of its benefits, especially the effect of her blood, really, are legendary. However, nutrition, very few people know, jujube contains cyclic AMP. CAMP is widespread in living organisms, the function of hormone transfer, and on the body's physiological and biochemical processes play a regulatory role on cardiovascular disease have a very good improvement. Cyclic AMP by the nutrition community as a very broad prospects of development, many scholars in the study. The good news is, cyclic adenosine monophosphate content in jujube Super Multi, more than 1000 times of the ordinary crude drugs.
I would also like to say a lot of people confused. The jujube is dry, dried by fresh dates to the Fresh dates in the vitamin C content is very rich, much higher than oranges and kiwi fruit, vitamin C is 243 mg per 100 g fresh dates contained. We all know that vitamin C is more afraid of the heat together light, dry, not which does not contain dimensional C? Experiments show that the vitamin C content in the dried jujube has decreased, but not nothing left, the content of vitamin C per 100 g of jujube in 7 to 14 milligrams, compared with apples, pears, or quite dominant. But we can not count on dry jujube for us to add vitamin C, because the amount of the dates we usually eat too little.
The jujube there is a very good place is often overlooked, is that it is rich in dietary fiber, for the prevention of obesity, prevention of constipation has a very good role.
How, before not very clear knowledge so explain a little clear insight into the feeling. So, now on the action, jujube on the Office of the drawer and put the bag some, the hungry, might as well eat a few.

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