Two centuries, the Native American diet has undergone unprecedented changes in collection from the traditional hunting, agrarian society eating the modern diet (refined grains, purified sugar, fast food, plenty of fat meat, dairy products and wine ) to replace. Scientists Conclusion: The health effects of the indigenous people is entirely negative.
One example is the Arizona State the middle of an Indian faction Mary tribes. For thousands of years before 1930, their diet includes a variety of wild and cultivated beans, cactus fruit, fish, venison, small seed acorns and corn. But after 1930, the change began, traditional wild foods began to decline to send the the Sodomites change eat modern foods such as refined flour, pork, sugar. Coffee and processed food. They no longer westerly winds ravaged the Great Plains to hunt, labor years in the field hard, firewood, but to drive to the supermarket to buy convenience foods, microwave cooking to eat, to sell the flute pick up a cigar. The result is tragedy, and now send Mary proportion of people suffering from diabetes is highest in the world, about 50 percent, two people have a; cardiovascular and atherosclerosis ratio is the highest.

Recall that we Chinese food 30 years to thousands of years ago, the food supply has been poor, and people manual labor is widespread, heavy. People do not have air conditioning, no fans, no television and a fridge, people often sweat to pay the physical. The old doctor now recall that was almost hard to see a diabetes, while diabetes is lining up to come; that time who have hyperlipidemia, cancer still feel incredible, it like, just the same as a cold too common. According to statistics, 98 to 2000, the national height reduced by 3 cm, weight of three kilograms. Short and fat, we now Beijing every four persons is a high cholesterol every five people have a high blood pressure, diabetes population is more numerous, the country tens of millions each year to millions of increments. Developing countries, India is the first diabetes big country, China has ranked second in the diabetes. Send Sodomites to developing countries, the content of the diet lifestyle suddenly changed, leading to cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity a lot of produce, which is a tragedy in the history of our human health disaster of the diseases of civilization to coming to us.
Human body is compatible with the early environmental, genetic given the strong human body, physical exertion, the response is agile and faster and stronger, intense activity is part of the routine today may in a few months time, has been sitting. A quiet life, we need to arrange physical exercise, sweating, detox, make the muscles get exercise, or cardio-pulmonary function, muscle will become weak. People in the past with the wisdom of saving energy, now we need the wisdom of reasonable energy consumption, to maintain proper body weight, keep the heart and muscle health
Traditional diet and way of life means that we should give up the modern diet, eat only raw meat and wild fruits and vegetables? No, even if we do so, we do not eat like primitive man, our food is very different, our meat and fat amount and types are different, our vegetables and fruits are completely different a. A wide range of pollution-free environment is gone.
In short, who do not want to return to the era of primitive life, but we have the science of nutrition lifestyle concept, we can as they did more exercise, better eating healthy foods, maintaining good health. Each of us can not be taken lightly.

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