chinese diets
The characteristics of Chinese food, China is a civilized country, but also the position of a long culinary culture. I save the world, eat and drink more than twenty years, some ideas have some perception, now food culture are summarized to the following characteristics, we hope to see D:
First, the flavor variety. China has a vast, vast territory and abundant resources, the climate, property, customs, there are differences in a long time in the diet on the formation of many flavors. Our country has been there is the argument of 'the Meter north', 'Southern sweet salty North East acids West hot' the points in the taste, Basu, Qilu, Huaiyang, Guangdong, Fujian and four flavors.
Second, the four seasons are different. Throughout the year, according to the season to eat, cooking another major feature. Since ancient times, China has been the seasonal variations to seasoning, garnish, diethylene glycol thick in winter, summer, light and cool; in winter stew simmer, summer, cold frozen.
Third, pay attention to beauty. Chinese cooking, not only skilled, but also pay attention to food and the beauty of the tradition of attention to the food color, smell, taste, shape, the coherence. There are many dishes aesthetic performance and whether it is a carrot or a cabbage, carved out of a variety of shapes, unique, to achieve the harmony and unity of color, smell, taste, shape, beauty, giving spiritual and material highly unified special enjoyment.
Fourth, the emphasis on fun. China's cooking very early on to focus on taste taste, not only for the meal snacks, color, smell, taste, there are strict requirements, but also has certain requirements they are named the way of taste, the rhythm of meals, entertainment interspersed. The name of the Chinese cuisine can be said superb, Yasugongshang. Dishes name both named according to the main, auxiliary, spices and cooking methods of realism, but also based on historical anecdotes, myths and legends, celebrities and food interesting dishes image named, such as 'family' 'generals bridge', 'lion head' 'Beggar Chicken', 'Dragon and Phoenix', 'Banquet', 'Dongpo' ...
Fifth, the medical food combination. China's cooking techniques, and health care are closely linked in thousands of years ago saying 'medical food source' and 'Diet isoenzymes' use of the medicinal value of food ingredients, made a variety of delicacies to achieve the The purpose of the Disease Control and Prevention. "

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