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The Xuzhou Bayer anchor plasterboard store Bayer G23 health board, and Good Luck 180 gypsum board, non-formaldehyde plasterboard
The Xuzhou Bayer store is a set of products, functional exhibition and business meetings in one of the monopoly chain system, is the industry's first integrated system of plasterboard and related products, integrated system of plasterboard stores, fully demonstrated the integrated system of gypsum board unique value and use of functions. Quality of excellence, is the industry standard leader. The Xuzhou Bayer store variety for consumers to buy decoration, decoration products provide a broad platform. Store product from the manufacturer straight hair, reliable quality, consumers are welcome to come buy.
Bayer anchor health aldehyde plasterboard-G23, health board
Product Features:
For the sake of health and safety, are free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide in the raw and auxiliary materials, products, health, environmental protection, radiation, intensity higher than 23% of the GB.
(2) the surface of gypsum board construction to accurately set the construction and installation of anchor points, factory positioning without human bomb line, to reduce the construction process, improve the effectiveness of more than 30 percent effective in preventing the renovation of seven fear, improve project quality.
G23 health board to meet the needs of the intensity of fire, sound insulation, thermal insulation and building structure for interior walls, ceiling, veneer wall and floor sound insulation to keep warm.
Good luck 180 Series Bayer gypsum board, gypsum board gypsum board brands
Bayer R & D: good luck 180 gypsum board products. Good luck good luck gypsum board will come naturally! Luck gypsum board to solve the difficult problem of the interior decoration gypsum board transport, now most of the room high-rise buildings, generally through the elevator to transport decoration materials, but the gypsum board is too long, need to enter the elevator from the middle of cutting, and Good Luck The 180 series of products to solve this Is the question.

Faced with the huge market of gypsum board, unlimited money to King. The company is conducting the Beyer store investment, invite people with lofty ideals to join, as we Bayer plasterboard franchisee, seize opportunities and create wealth. A high-quality Bayer plasterboard investment projects, not simply a phrase or two half language can be expressed clearly, if you are still hesitant if you sincerely seek the plasterboard investment business opportunity, please call us Bayer gypsum board Join wealth hotline to our professional investment of its employees, and enthusiasm for your clear explanation to help you towards the road to success and look forward to you as we Bayer gypsum board franchisee.

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