chinese of drywall health symptoms U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently published a survey report shows that the domestic gypsum board product quality and the U.S. media reported 11 people dead and has nothing to do, the gypsum board does not have an impact on health.

Prior to the release of this report for a lawsuit, Taishan Gypsum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Taishan Gypsum") seems to be caught in a whirlpool abuse complaint. According to reporter understanding, not only Taishan Gypsum litigation attorneys 'fees spent far more than the judgment amount of compensation, and a lawyer appointed by the American owners have zero litigation costs Taishan Gypsum to pay their attorneys' fees, the request by the Taishan Gypsum United States lawyer rejected.

Taishan Gypsum, a senior, told First Financial Daily ":" will resolutely respond to the respondent's case, knew what it was, but also innocent enterprise. "

Gypsum board, also known as drywall, wallboard is commonly used in a building. The United States in 2004 and 2005, the multiple hurricanes, housing reconstruction work for the United States from China has imported large quantities of gypsum board.

November 2008, the CPSC began to receive the complaints of imported dry wall housing tenants, they said they felt some of the symptoms of the respiratory system, and that this gas is related to the imported drywall emissions. Since then, the Chinese plasterboard manufacturers face the risk of being sued and claims.

The lawsuit against the Chinese gypsum board, the United States uses a zero-litigation fees in the form of collective litigation, and through multi-point. This means that if U.S. homeowners prosecution of Chinese gypsum board manufacturers, without having to spend a penny attorneys' fees is possible to obtain up to millions of dollars in compensation, but also may receive tax relief extension of bank loans, insurance companies, compensation policies.

Lawsuit on the product quality is generally the use of group action settlement processing, however, the Sino-US plasterboard litigation presents a number of law separately agent and dispersed in a number of courts to prosecute situation. This makes the respondent companies was no way, it is difficult to sort things out, so many enterprises is difficult to make up the respondent's determination.

Taishan Gypsum these executives said, This is not normal legal proceedings, the participation of the whole gaming has become, even if it is a European company with a wealth of international experience to face the tide of abuse v. feeling overwhelmed. For already responding to the enterprise, it seems directly into a whirlpool of "excessive complaints".

April 8 last year, the Louisiana Eastern District Court ruled that Taishan Gypsum to pay $ 2,600,000 of the seven families relocation compensation, and health claims to postpone the trial. This decision, the above-mentioned high-level Taishan Gypsum angry and helpless.

Taishan Gypsum has always believed that the above incident was not caused by the Chinese gypsum board, while the CPSC, the report gave a strong proof.

CPSC official website released a report called the "cause of death by the state public health department of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on contact with imported drywall Summary of Investigation Summary, the summary-owned by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Environmental Health Environmental hazards and The health effects Ministry issued on January 3, 2011.

The department survey found that the sulfur compounds found in the room did not cause the concentration of health problems found in the concentration can not explain the CPSC received reports of adverse symptoms. Medical institutions to study these cases confirm that the imported drywall does not have an impact on health issues involved in the case of complaint.

However, U.S. courts have adopted the report of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) report that the gypsum board samples the release of sulfide dose of the top 10 manufacturers from China, some Chinese plasterboard release of hydrogen sulfide 100 times higher than the non-domestic gypsum board. Can not be measured due to hydrogen sulfide is minimal Lawrence during the test, I use a mathematical model to calculate the release of the day the amount of hydrogen sulfide, a move has been strongly questioned the scientific community in China and the United States.

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