chinese face reading health
Whites of the eyes yellow possession of liver disease
Whites color: the whites of the eyes yellow, it may have liver disease worries; anemia usually eyelids pale; allergies whites color will darken the luster faded grays.
Dark circles: the black eye with some unusual symptoms, sometimes the signs of the disease. Cirrhosis, nephritis, renal failure, respiratory failure, and blood disease or endocrine disorders will appear black eye. Rest is not good cause the dark circles, reduce late at night will eliminate.
The color of the eyelids: eyelids inside the pink indicates good physical condition and appears red means blood, digestive and genital dysfunction, and white indicate anemia or blood circulation disorders, red and yellow may be the kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart dysfunction.
Protruding eyes: eyes bulge, show thyroid problems.

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