chinese fitness
Lazy is easy to get sick, worried sick but too lazy to fitness how to do? Lazy people want a fitness fitness sports action simply can? In fact, the fitness is not so difficult to understand the skills lazy you can easily achieve fitness for purpose, the following to introduce the history of the laziest three fitness movement.
On his back and lying on the bed, put his hands on both sides of the body, the legs close together, and hands folded straight on the head, stretch your arms and shoulder muscles, legs face pointed to stretch the leg muscles, hold for 2 minutes.
Hands hold a cushion or pillow, face sideways attached to the cushion on the shoulders to maintain the level of the chest do not put cushions on the buttocks and the bed was the vertical direction, to keep above the level of the legs straight, try to stretch the leg muscles. the following legs bend naturally. Use this position to see TV or sleep is the most comfortable.
Lying on his back in bed, roll Ganmian stick in accordance with the up and down the order in the abdomen 20 times, roll the following from the chest to the pelvis can (about the location of the three inches below the belly button), roll the power to the accumulation of fat to fight broken and metabolized.

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