chinese food Chinese food magazine founded in 1972 in Beijing, is China's first food magazines. Make an important contribution to the enthusiastic support of the readers, to revitalize the food publishing industry in China, set off bursts of wave in the industry. Into a "Chinese food" from the "Food Science and Technology founded when open from being 16 to 16 open for the international fashion, four from the two-color cover to color to full color printing, from monthly to fortnightly, which not only reflects the magazine changes, and record the development of the industry the pace of the hands of the readers expectations.
"Chinese food" collection industry event, tracking the hot industry, the popularity of Food Science and Technology, a blend of food culture, evaluation of product strengths and weaknesses, authoritative advice market, promote the exchange of information.
"Chinese food" is the authority of the only public offering in the food sector, leading fortnightly, monthly, on the 1st and the 15th, domestic and international public offering, set release cycle appropriate, reading rate, easy to store, low pricing, circulation Japanese influence for a wide range of positive definite in the direction of catering manager for a new revision, the successful rich canon of the catering business.
Chinese food magazine is the head of mainland China by the China Chamber of Commerce, founder of the first outside the food industry and specialized media, the global hotel industry, catering industry is currently the only color the Tong paperboard fortnightly. Published on the 1st and the 15th of every month, domestic and international public offering. Hotel and Catering Group executives, department store managers, restaurant managers, executive chef, chef, director of university dining center and hotel and catering colleges, principals and teachers and students Other target audiences. Korea "Restaurant" magazine to establish friendly relations with Articles Articles Media chain sector column carried a report on CCTV, China Education Television, Beijing TV, Shanghai TV, several television stations in cooking food festival food programs, exclusive coverage, international perspective global industry celebrities and other newsmakers for each issue cover the Articles characteristics. "Chinese food" is the Hotel and Catering industry CEOs, department store managers, restaurant managers, Executive Chef, Chef, director of the university dining center, and former school principal of the hotels and restaurants and a favorite of teachers and students.

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