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Chinese Journal of Food "by the Chinese Preventive Medical Association, the China Disease Prevention and Control Center for Nutrition and Food Safety co-sponsored a national food hygiene, food safety, academic journals, for the Chinese core journals, Journal of the Ministry of Science and Technology core. "Chinese Journal of Food of Publication of the popularization and improvement of both. The part with Expert Commentary, on the experimental techniques and methods of supervision and management, research, food poisoning, review, CAC column newsletters section. Chinese Journal of Food "both reported major scientific research in the field of food safety, but also to share the conclusions of the study of the actual work; both involved in the laboratory, in-depth supervision and management of site; comprehensive coverage of domestic and international food safety policy, theory, practice, and dynamic .
The basic requirements of a Submission
The presentation should be creative, scientific, practical, concise text, accurate data, logical and strong. The article is generally not more than 5000 words, such as special circumstances, please contact the editorial department. Submission, please include a letter of introduction, introduced the author of the text, units, and the authenticity of the article, whether submissions and vote, whether it is confidential, is affected by various Fund. The text of the contract cover (such as a funded project shall be accompanied by funding details) or a copy of the award-winning copy of the certificate.

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