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1, in our case, over the years, the government promoting environmental protection, with the theory, decrees, newspapers, text, slogan, slogans, early childhood education resource, context point; crowned a model and bao mien spread; denounced tart Yu satirical, ugly exposing the misdeeds; colored advertisements, large-scale MICE; creative tour performances, film and television special Ji, the image of preaching; small will the General Assembly, criticism and education; grand legislative injunctions; various incentives spin mandatory heavy penalties, type thing, perseverance. Can be described as large-scale nor levy not to - people make decisions, to the limit.

Also see repeatedly reported that around the positive response to the call, the outstanding figure of the environmental heroes have emerged, deeds of heroic. Ambition, painstaking moving. Its outstanding for many years alone adhere to the desertification of more than 100,000 successful tree planting mu. People have been learning have Germany, self-discipline and the line, showing a high consciousness. Then formed in society, widespread success. The rapidly changing environment is gratifying.

2, however, the more general case compared to the eye can see: environmental protection facilities green things continue the destruction of disregard mining Series drilling intake, frequency of break wasteful and indiscriminate bombing, wanton digging; when you hear to crack embankment subsidence, stolen cut forest , destruction of vegetation, dust storm frequency of desertified land has been rapidly increasing expansion; attractions rare species mortality; frequency reported stolen national treasure species, poaching and abatement; valuable meadow injured spot numerous scabies sores; the past four flying at any time to smell the cry magpies, eagles, elegant Korea Bird irreducible demand - gambling; rivers and lakes diffuse into eyes curtain cleaning up countless free to dispose of the matter; chaos row put the abuse of continuation was even worse, the old scenery unlimited lovely creatures one after another escape a trace disappeared. optimistic estimates the remaining fifty unique river dolphin in China the past two years have been nowhere to be seen; the air is not fresh, the sun and the moon is gray dark; water quality does not apply to fisheries Following the the change Wuhei odor, offshore red tide is more than fierce; the plains many farming animal husbandry, a lot of people below the surface meters above will take the life of groundwater depth of contamination and disease become ill and die, the time is now cancer villages, abnormal Village, the Village of death, shadow harassing, harming statecraft; public places, instant bottle bag crumbs all over the shell, bitter bad hard cleaning staff very evil; the sale of various types of lights, racks, enclosures, seats, electrical, cable, irrigation and drainage facilities, Hi-Tech equipment, etc. constantly theft, destruction ---- hard to detect, just to name a few . The around Luetong. Each year, the rectification, repair, purchase, warning the loss of super-astronomical funding is astounding, inconvenience announced. Consideration of shock violence, but with little success, and no fundamental improvement.

Harassment predicament salty blame too many people ";" from some people weak environmental awareness, no sense of responsibility, numbness, consciousness as low as almost stupid, or selfish, shortsighted, or moral hazard, lack of patriotism, pride, civic awareness, and even the case of mentally retarded "; said:" inevitable "economic development due to

Not deny the above-mentioned negative social factors, negative effects, but this role should be not permanent, determine unchanged. Social-can be easily laid off speech and responsibility are commissioned?

Some of our nation with traditional cultural practices and ancestral teachings, adhering to the relationship of man and nature solidarity, the treasure of nature is to cherish our own simple truth, young and old, well known; into life, into their lives and in spirit , in order to get insurance to the various regional ecological environment close to the native style, urban canals, water clean, deep woods and mountain streams. It is well known. Extraterritorial other country such instances are not uncommon, and even the heart of the city can maintain the ecological environment is surprisingly good - it is normal - people start to wonder, do not at the more advanced social environment, such a large number of people could even foolish enough to even their own life in accordance with present and future generations will send only the foundation of the survival and development are not aware of the value, and must take conscience of the risk of all criticism and illegal; do not understand the huge amount of consumption per year are for workers, including their own effort sweat; not know to take good care of the common home of all comply with the law and ethics, went to die-not of the pole? !

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