Green tea listed in the year, apart from when you hear "West Lake Longjing", "Biluochun tea special goods sold for the" high price "of news, reports on high-grade tea production, quality, price and other related market are endless, areThe so-called "raw tea fried unfamiliar, cooked tea, do not 'fry' is not famous". But the hype of the "tea", but also to the mass of green tea consumption market exacerbated by the favor of the famous, the pursuit of high-priced luxury tendency.
    Anji white tea on the mining section encountered in the China International Tea Culture Research Association, vice president, former director of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tea Research Institute Professor Cheng Qikun. Professor Cheng has made ​​it clear that the concerns of this tendency, he told reporters: On the health effects of green tea and the value of the Four Seasons drinking "tea" is not necessarily higher than that of coarse tea. If only their own drinking, need not blind faith in the "tea".
    Professor Cheng said that green tea is lower in high-grade, not to drink efficacy, but to distinguish between the degree of the delicate green tea shoots, in addition, its shape characteristics, but also an increase of commodity connotation. Such as the famous "Biluochun", picking only whichever is just showing off a bud tender tip, picked one kilogram "Biluochun" shall be the removal of 150,000 buds leaves, rare, the price of natural non-average person drink daily use can bear.
    However, according to the Tea Research Institute, this too "careful" of tea, unique flavor, released after brewing for leachable substances beneficial to human health content was less than one bud and two leaves "," a bud clover "and" coarse tea. "

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