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Wound classification and detection
The judgment of the wound size, depth, edema, infection wound treatment. Over the years, the study of wound healing still remains in the general evaluation and pathological examination. Falanga [1] The application of systematic injured area scoring, including granulation tissue, even the organization of the fiber and changes in the eschar and wound exudate and many other indicators, and quantify the situation to determine the appropriate cover material, so that the wound healing to determine there had been some progress. Recently it has been proposed that the RYB (red, yellow, black) colors to distinguish the wound has been the recognition of a large number of clinicians. Red wound (redwound,) covers any stage of the wound healing process, such as inflammation, hyperplasia, and modeling. The yellow wound (yellowwound,) including the color from yellow to white and gray, yellow fat, white or gray tendon. This stage, moist environment conducive to bacterial proliferation, resulting in infection, affecting healing time and quality. How to remove necrotic tissue and control of bacterial infection is an important work of this stage. Black wound (blackwound,) is mainly full-thickness skin necrosis and the formation of thick dry eschar, the range of colors including black, brown and tan. This period often requires using a variety of positive means to clear the necrotic eschar and yellow necrotic material, protect the wound until healing. The wound healing process is a process of change from black to yellow, then red.
Even chronic wounds also repeated this process, but sometimes chronic wounds may be black, yellow, red. The concept of the wound healing clinical operability stronger.

Wound biopsy has been under the limit of detection methods, especially the molecular level detection problems has become a bottleneck restricting treatment level. There are scholars in the DNA of dividing cells, mixed with heavy water (heavywater), use the tag method to measure the in vivo keratin formation of cell proliferation and updates, and achieved gratifying results, but also for wound healing research has opened up new ideas.
Thorough debridement is an important measure to prevent wound infection, wound closure in a timely manner to prevent the organization of further means of necrosis. When the completion of the pre-contracting work to the wound, the appropriate record based processing, a suitable dressing and closure of an important role in the accelerated healing

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