chinese health ball
Chinese medicine believes that the cloth on top of the human fingers there are many acupuncture points, beginning and ending points of the several meridians, meridian Contact brain and internal organs of the bond. Practitioners often, you can through these acupuncture points and meridians different levels of stimulation, in order to clear the meridians, to reconcile the purpose of blood. In addition, because of the frequent friction of the iron ball with the palm of your hand skin, also due to the generation of static electricity and thermal effects play to enhance blood circulation, treatment of the whole body of the various parts of the disease. Therefore able to reconcile qi and blood, Shujin Jiangu, strong internal organs, brain puzzle. Often adhere to the study on the sequelae of hemiplegia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, coronary heart disease, finger function disorders, diseases, and have a good effect. Here are some simple training method:

1, one hand under the ball friction rotation. Set of double ball in a single palm, finger force, dual ball clockwise and reversed in the palm of your hand. Rotation the finger close to the sphere, double ball rub against each other, rather than collision.

2, one hand under the ball centrifugal rotation. In the above action is skilled, and gradually reached double ball away from each other rotation. Finger movements, the direction of rotation and friction rotation, but the fingers stretched out, forced to fiddle with double ball, so that the rapid rotation of the dual ball in the palm of your hand, without collision. Its speed is generally 150-200 beats / min, clockwise reversal of 130-180 times / min.

, Hands four-ball movement. This is on the basis of the single-hand movement, and gradually exercise both hands at the same time to do one-handed action (per hand ball), need to give full play to the role of the brain can do. This action is difficult, and technology requirements, the effective than a single hand movement better.

The ball massage, rubbing, hammering the parts of the body is not. To relieve pain, and can exercise the practicing hand, often suffer from scapular discomfort, backache, leg pain a lot of good for the elderly.

Grip the ball hard with one hand or both hands tiger's mouth, or hard to grip the ball with the palm. Acid hot feeling, frequently exercise refers to the force, wrist, grip strength, arm strength are to help.

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