chinese health balls benefits
The fitness ball is popular in China for a long time, and is deeply familiar to the general public, as our country folk are very popular fitness equipment, fitness balls have a variety of materials, marble or granite, stainless steel, copper, there are only two or three walnut balls, very suitable for the fitness of elderly friends. Because of its small, easy in his hand, walking, watching TV, meditation, conversation, playing exercise.
The saying goes, fingers with hearts, "refers to is close to 10 fingers body internal organs function. The ancients believed that the endings in the fingers and the palm of your hand, there are some very sensitive points are distributed. Stimulation of these points, its information can be passed to the corresponding organs through the meridians and collaterals, and affect the whole body. Elderly hands to play with a fitness ball, continue to turn it the same time, Cuonie it can continue to stimulate the distribution in the palm of the hand, back of the hand, refers to the head of the acupuncture points, activities, local meridian, so that blood can be in circulation.
The same time, the elderly for a long time to play with a fitness ball, by the hands of the movement, but also allows the fingers, hands, wrists, bending stretching and flexibility, promote the movement of the finger, wrist, elbow and upper limb muscles, prevent and correct the elderly degenerative diseases caused by upper extremity numbness, weakness, tremor, grip strength, loss and other symptoms. Moreover, the hand movements of the brain is very useful to play the health balls can make the ideas focus on the hand, to exclude all kinds of distractions, to eliminate the tension, the brain to relax. The ancient prescriptions of TCM experts: used to play the health balls can effectively care brain, slowing the speed of aging of the brain, to avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

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