chinese health balls exercises fitness ball as a suitable home fitness tool, it seems simple, but it can effectively help you lose extra calories a week long as we persist 2 to 3 times in 20 minutes exercise, to ensure that your holidays will no longer have their own grievances a good appetite for it!
Exercise areas: the biceps, to reduce the arm of excess fat.
Steps: A. The hands, each carrying a weight of 2 ~ 4kg dumbbell knees before in the fitness ball, keeping the arms stretched down to the palm of your hand in the direction parallel to the forward. The center of gravity of the body and then slowly transferred to the ball to reach equilibrium.
The ball slowly slide into the position of the stomach, this will ensure that the arms stretch just off the ground, then lift the toes, body tension, your body should become a straight line from head to toe.
B. Maintain a constant body weight, up to bend the arm until the palm of your hand can reach the location of the shoulder. Then extend their arms towards the floor again and restore the position in step A. So that two consecutive actions as a group, repeat the exercise 12 times.
Exercise areas: shoulders and legs, waist and abdomen muscles.
Steps: A. to maintain a static sitting position on the fitness ball, so that the legs parallel to the ground and knee bent 90 degrees. Hands, each carrying a weight of 2 ~ 4kg dumbbell. Consciously tighten the waist and abdominal fat to exercise here. Elbows down, hands palm relative, the dumbbells to shoulder height.
B. The right hand holding the dumbbell slowly over his head at the same time straighten the left leg forward, parallel to the ground. This action still remain for a while, arm and leg muscles get plenty of exercise. And then restore them to the starting position. Exchange the other side of the practice, repeat the exercise 12 times.
Note: This action requires extra attention can not be bent back to ensure the back straight.
Exercise areas: triceps and buttocks.
Steps: A. The left hand held a weight of 2 ~ 4kg dumbbells, stretch to the ground in the direction vertical to maintain a static sitting position on the fitness ball. The body to slow down the slide until it reaches the position shown in the figure. Upward bending of the arm, and gradually on the move and the final board direction perpendicular straight. Supporting and auxiliary right hand in his left arm at the biceps.
B. to maintain body posture and elbow position unchanged, slow decline in the left hand, touch your right shoulder across the body until the dumbbell. And then again on the move perpendicular to the ceiling to complete the action. 12 times as a group, first to the left arm, for example the practice, and then change the right arm, repeat the entire exercise.

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