chinese the health belief model health beliefs health belief model (HBM) is a theoretical model of social psychology to explain health-related behavior. The health belief model: people to take some kind of health promotion behavior or get rid of a certain health risk behaviors, you must have the understanding of the following three aspects:
First, recognize the threat and severity of a particular disease or risk factors.
An understanding of the severity of disease: the individual judgment to suffering from some kind of view of the severity of disease, including the judgment of the people on the clinical consequences of disease, such as death, disability, pain; the social consequences of the disease, such as work troubles, unemployment, family conflicts.
2, the understanding of disease susceptibility: refers to the individual suffering from some disease of the possibility of understanding, including the judgment of the physician acceptance and disease recurrence possibility of judgment.
Second, we recognize the difficulties and benefits to take some act or abstain from certain acts.
An understanding of the effectiveness of behavior: that people adopt or abandon a certain behavior, can effectively reduce the risk or mitigate the consequences of disease of the judgment, including the abatement of pain, reduce the social impact of the disease. Only when people realize that their behavior effectively, people can consciously taking behavior.
Understanding of the right to adopt or abandon a certain behavior disorders: people to take or give up certain behavior difficulties encountered, such as the level of costs, the degree of pain, convenient or not. Only when people have sufficient understanding of these difficulties in order to make the behavior to maintain and consolidate.
Three, to take or give up some capacity for their own self-confidence that performance expectations or self-efficacy. That a proper evaluation of their behavior and judgment, I believe they will pass the efforts to overcome obstacles to complete this action to reach the expected results.
In summary, the health belief model in practice to take to promote healthy behavior, to give up the health risk behaviors, follow these steps: First, full of its health risk behaviors are afraid; then, so that they firmly believe that: Once you give up this hazardous to health behavior, promoting healthy behaviors will take the consequences of the valuable, but also clearly recognize that the behavioral changes that may occur during difficult; to make them full of confidence in the behavior change.

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