chinese health belief model health beliefs and practices (the Health Belief the Model, also known as the HBM mode), is an important theory of social psychology perspective, the formation of people's health beliefs to explain the adoption of health behavior factors. The model suggests that: behavioral intervention can interfere with the health belief can effectively intervene in health-related behavior. AD also known as senile dementia and vascular dementia. At present, tens of millions of the world people are suffering from AD torture. AD is not just the body's biology abnormalities, including psychological and social factors impact on the body, therefore, the traditional medical model in the treatment of Alzheimer chronic diseases, is not applicable. In order to maintain the AD person's physical and mental health, slow the progression of AD patients and improve their quality of life, improve the overall health of the society, and explore effective and reliable AD rehabilitation methods is urgently needed to resolve the issue. From January 2008 to December 2010 application HBM mode of self-management of 169 cases of AD patients were health interventions, the author received a significant effect.

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