According to Voice of China "News Coverage," reports that today is World Health Day, focusing on the theme: Aging and Health. China is now facing aging problems? How should you respond?

The 78-year-old Zhang aunt is a diabetic, insulin injections, three meals a day before the unshakeable and this has been bothering her for nearly 10 years, in addition to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, such as 'geriatric' continue to be checked day, waiting for her apart from the injection of the injection, there are a lot of variety of drugs such as Zhang aunt has the same distressed elderly people in the country. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) show, At present, our country more than 65 years of age of the elderly population have close to 130 million, while to the 2050, this figure will reach 332 million, more than 23% of the total population. population aging of our development of population of a large country, the performance of the particularly severe. the introduction of the Ministry of Health, Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, deputy director Zhang Tiemei in China's 31 provinces and cities in 26 provinces and municipalities into the state of aging.

Zhang Tiemei: the speed of population aging very fast, very large number, we also see that the distribution in the entire continent elderly population in China is not very balanced, then the aging of the population is not really a national problem in China, It is a world problem, and even a few hundred years of history of the development of our human for the first time facing this problem. From two aspects, we can get to know it, one it is socio-economic and scientific development of public health policy success as a model, in another aspect, it also does social and economic development has brought enormous challenges, such as the elderly population is too large, Government should bring in the distribution of inter-generational some unbalanced allocation in the elderly, its main problem is two, an old-age security, a health care problem.

Zhang Tiemei said that the problem of aging population has also brought the increase of the slow patient patient group home.

Zhang Tiemei: With the aging of the population increased from 2010 to 2020 to 2030, the aging itself, slow the number of patients the number of impact is very large, especially after the age of 65 occur in the region inside a large number of chronic disease and men than women and more serious, it is after all the burden of disease increases.

Growing number of elderly slow patients group, the resulting burden of disease is increasing, Information Center according to the Ministry of Health statistics show that in 2005 the burden of disease accounted for GDP, 9%, which slow the disease reached 8.1 %, while 40 percent comes from the elderly.

The Zhang Tiemei: In fact, the elderly there is a problem is that his medical consequences are not very satisfactory, the same sick old people to heal, then often it does not achieve the good effect of rehabilitation, then disabled and the disability and even death ratio increasing needs of the elderly under this state of daily life is also constantly changing. Whether urban or rural, the ratio of the elderly in need of care in more than three times to four times increase.

The problems caused by aging is occurring not only in China, according to UN statistics, in 2050, 80 percent of the aging population will live in low-and middle-income countries. How to provide the necessary medical and social systems of protection for an aging society to become a social imperative.

Zhang Tiemei: population aging, disease rate of the slow patient the challenges of our field of health, disability disabled the high incidence of consumption of medical resources, human consumption of resources, then the entire bodies of elderly health knowledge systems, personnel equipment and capabilities, formed in the prevention of health, illness, disability challenges also poses a challenge for the medical treatment to protect. In fact, now we think the challenge for the service capabilities of all parties in developing countries of China, in addition to active and healthy aging strategies, we need to develop as a fundamental way to deal with the aging of the population, this is the only country economic and social development, we have sufficient capacity and the possibility to complete the protection of health and to participate in these three aspects of the task.

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