Publishing sector: the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation Administration of China
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Provide a clean, beautiful, comfortable, safe travel environment for the implementation of the decision of the State Council on strengthening the work of the Patriotic Health for domestic, foreign tourists, the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee agreed with the Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority, launched a nationwide examination and assessment, named health stations, health port, airport health and sanitary train, passenger ships of Health, Health aircraft activities.
Stations, ports, airports, and passenger trains, passenger ships, aircraft health status, not only a direct reflection of the level of material civilization and spiritual civilization in China, is also directly related to passenger safety, the health of people and the country's reputation. Therefore, as soon as possible to improve the health standards of the railway, transport, civil aviation and other sectors of the window, so as to reach the health standards of our country developed, and gradually close or in line with international requirements, domestic and foreign, have great significance. To carry out inspections, appraisals, naming the activities of the health units, it is an important measure to improve the health level. All relevant departments to seriously implement, and actively participate. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:
, Railway, transport, civil aviation sector, to participate in a national health check rating, named the departments and health units in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government level.
Who participate in inspection, appraisal, named units before the end of August each year by the department initial evaluation submitted to the Office of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee.
By the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee is responsible for organizing units recommended by the railway, transport, civil aviation system inspection, appraisal, name recognition and rewards, and be made public through newspapers, radio, television and other media.
Railway, transport, civil aviation system, the relevant units should carry out this activity on their agenda, strengthen leadership, the synchronous development of the construction of improved sanitation and hygiene standards to improve the transport.
Five national health examination and assessment of this naming process, will continue to persist, the departments concerned can declare each year, the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee every two years, the organization of a rating, review, and there are more units the early attainment of the health-advanced level.

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