chinese health issues despite the flow of the population's health is very important in this area of academic research, policy development and social interventions relative to be ignored. Most of the academic research assumes that the population stabilization rather than the flow of policy and project interventions are often based on the static characteristics of the residents, such as research on urban hospitals and rural clinics. Mobile population often receive social disapproval and exclusion, that is difficult to integrate into society. However, China's health services will cover the floating population and other vulnerable groups.
This is the "floating population in China Public Health Status Report." This research is so important. It is a pilot study based on extensive literature study, an attempt to address the following issues: Who are migrants? How their health condition? What kind of social protection do they have? The floating population, the employer shall be liable for what kind of social responsibility? NGO how to respond? What is the new point of view of the floating population health policy?

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