chinese health practices recently, the full support of the home of the Limited from the Reckitt Benckiser family health status of investigation results, the survey since July this year commence in five cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan and Harbin.

  The survey results show that the current Chinese public generally agree that good family health is the most basic way to prevent the spread of germs, but know little about how effective disinfection sterilization, preventing the bacteria against. To this end, the National Health Management Education Association Vice President Professor Yong Bao called for the urgent need to improve family health habits.

  Families in need of effective disinfection

  Professor Zhong Nanshan, China Medical Association, said: "public health problem has now become China and even the world's largest public health problems in the past few years, repeated outbreaks of infectious diseases in China and elsewhere in the world, such as SARS avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, serious harm to public health and even lives. most of them to ignore the public health problem, the lack of good family and personal health habits. "

  Professor Zhong Nanshan has stressed the importance of raising public health awareness and urgency, "one of the characteristics of the epidemic diseases spread fast, change fast, for ordinary families, to maintain good health habits, daily disinfection sterilization eliminate all kinds of bacteria to breed and effective way to avoid cross-infection. "

  Hygiene practices still need to improve

  Family Health Survey results show that the vast majority of people can recognize the scientific health habits is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs, including surface cleaning and disinfection of household items on a regular basis, "Wash your hands frequently," regular disinfection of clothing and avoid going near animal was considered to be the four most effective way to prevent the spread of the bacteria at home. In contrast to the public's health habits in their daily lives and public health awareness is not satisfactory.

  A question to answer the most effective preventive measures for influenza, 53% of respondents wash their hands; but the length of time in answering the toilet, wash your hands, only 31% of the respondents do insist on hand-washing seconds. Studies have shown that more than 20 seconds of water cleaning can really achieve the effect of clean hands. In the elderly and low-income population, with relatively low utilization rate of detergent antibacterial disinfection function.

  Professor Yong Bao said: "good family health habits play a crucial role on the prevention of pathogen infection and contact transmission is the most common way of spread of the disease in daily life, in order to avoid the spread of various infectious diseases, the public need to raise as washing hands frequently and properly wash their hands outside the health habits, but also need to learn to use safe and effective disinfection sterilization products for routine disinfection of surfaces in the home, isolated from the growth and spread of bacteria. "

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