chinese health qigong association Chinese Health Qigong Association, referred to as Chinese health Gas Association. English translation as: CHINESE HEALTH QIGONG ASSOCIATION, abbreviated as: CHQA.
The Chinese Health Qigong Association is engaged in the promotion of Qigong, popularity and national mass sports and social groups, is a non-profit social organization, is a corporate member of China Sports Federation, sports administration department a bridge and link of the masses. Chinese Health Qigong Association Qigong Association by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, each Profession Athletic Association, colleges and universities SF, composed of Qigong community organizations with legal status and love of Qigong cause people.
Association for the purpose of: abide by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, laws, regulations and policies, to comply with social ethics, and to unite the workers and lovers of the National Qigong, to inherit and carry forward the Chinese ancient culture, advocacy and popularization of the mass Qigong activities, to enhance people's health to promote socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization.
The Chinese Health Qigong Association to accept the business guidance and supervision of the State Sports General Administration, Ministry of Civil Affairs. The Association is headquartered in Beijing.

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