chinese health remedies clapped his hands, rubbing the knee, loose shoulders of these simple little trick, in fact, is the best health care. In Chinese medicine, and moxibustion, cupping, scraping together known as the self-treatment of health care law. We invited experts recommend a few of the most simple, operational strongest, the best way to health effects, health-yourself.

Against the wall (data plan)

Against the wall: the hip at the same time lying back

Methods: (1) the amount of distance. Feet to open a shoulder width of about a foot away from the wall, the natural stand, back to the wall. Upper body leaning forward, naturally away from the wall, said distance is moderate. (2) off the hips. Whereabouts can be slightly, knees do not have to bend too low, relax, and upper body to maintain integrity. (3) against the wall. Above the buttocks with a flat back flat by a natural lie, do not rely on deliberately to contribute to back, his hands swinging naturally. Against the wall, pay attention to the hip should lie with the upper body.

Note: The initial impact surface below the shoulder blades hit the note, only one voice to prevail. Non-impact surface or two, to reach the effect. Pregnant women, the menstrual period, fullness or surgery less than a year who do not practice. Heart disease, high blood pressure, body is weak, or more than 50 years old, initially, by the people sparring.

Clapping (data plan)

Clap: morning and evening

Many people clapped and welcomed the expression of joy, but often do not know and clap another good thing --- care. The clapping health since ancient times, especially for the elderly. "In an interview with" Life Times "reporter, Affiliated Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Internal Medicine, said Professor Jiang Liangduo. TCM theory holds that all diseases are blood disorders caused by the gas smoothly or not will affect the physiological function and balance the body, the blood circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system. Long-standing clapping, can promote blood smooth, increase body Reduo, thereby enhancing physical fitness, prevention of many chronic diseases, is also very effective to prevent senile dementia.

Clapping and generally sooner or later once the beginning of film, do not be violent, should be gradual. In addition, heavy meal before or just after a meal, as well as the middle of the meals should avoid the use of this therapy, so as not to affect the digestive function.

In general, the normal daily early morning shoot 5 minutes, you can stimulate all day vitality. Pregnant women should not be making loud noises, his hands uplifted, arched, with an empty palm shoot. Frail elderly, clapped his hands, the best while walking, stepping, while making Otherwise, blood would be too much perfusion in both hands, your feet will feel powerless.

Shrug (data plan)

Loose shoulder: Practicing a sense of soreness

Sedentary office owners, loose shoulder can be considered on a "compulsory". This group is limited throughout the day on weekdays, the muscles around the shoulder blade, a state of tension. Over time, the tightening of the muscles stiffen, pressure vessels, impairing blood circulation circulation, shoulder pain and other symptoms will appear. "Loose shoulder, blood circulation, active joints, while enhancing muscle vitality, reduce shoulder arthritis, muscle spasm, cervical spondylosis, or even to relieve chest pain, heart bored symptoms. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dongzhimen Hospital, Massage, director of Professor Liu Changxin that .

The loose shoulder can be divided into four steps: 1. Upright shrug: upper body upright, shoulder hard up towering, inhale, and hold, Mo 10, and then exhale to relax the shoulders naturally fall to repeat 15 times. Shoulders circling: upper body upright, his arms drooping shoulders after the show, do a complete circuit action. Shoulders backwards force rotation about 10 times forward rotation about 10 times. Often pat: make a fist with his left hand shot right shoulder and right fist shot over the left shoulder, continuous beat 20. Massage hammer beat, then you can achieve a more labor-saving effect. 4. Neck stretch: Standing, feet shoulder width apart. Bow under the amount close to the body; the rise of the chest; side head from side to side. Four directions in each direction for 30 seconds.

The way, in addition to tapping is also Nierou. The frequency of the loose shoulder about one minute and ten, to be at least 56 minutes. The intensity is not too light, or no effect to the muscle have a sense of soreness a sign of the effect. "Health Act needs to adhere to every day, and it applies to all kinds of people." Liu Changxin said at last.


Iron mesh (data plan)

Iron Head: hot hands repeatedly apply

PANG is often said that the longevity of our ancient iron head, wipe nose to health. Among them, the iron head "to treat patients on? Head dark unknown climate," cock hands with friction so that the hot iron head, three lines, refers to the suppression of head. SG, so head out , no pain, "the narrative.

Rub the two palms, placed on the eyelids. Cold rub, and so forth, every day, the more the better. "Liu Changxin pointed out that the points of the iron purpose. Jiang Liangduo view, the iron head can be dealt with, can also use the palm of your hand or fingers to a straight or spiral repeatedly wipe Mount two, especially for the following groups: self-treatment more tears, can be added with acupressure Yifeng bearing weep hole; if eye pain, can rub the eye pressure; if the head, dizziness, multi-fingered kneading pressure two temporal (both sides of the head near the ear part, referred to as "temporal"), a single thumb pressing YINTANG; if myopia. can focus on massage eye, sun, sun white, four white points.

In general, when just eaten, do not rush to iron head, should generally be the best results in about two hours after a meal. According to the direction generally along the vein in the direction of lymph flow, lymph nodes parts should not be doing the massage. Force the first light weight, and then from heavy to light.

Knead knee (data plan)

Knead knee: 30 per minute

Rub the knee, this simple action contains a lot of health awareness. Rub the knee, said in Chinese medicine to take the standing Gaozuo, sit cross-legged, squat or sit position, two palm-containing virtual, close to the site in the knees, circular rubbing friction. Its practices are traditional massage rubbing method, the operation simple and easy exercises.

"Means, you can also use your thumb or the palm with the press on both sides of the knee. In addition, pinching or hammer." Liu Changxin pointed out that the frequency of massage is best per minute, thirty or forty, the intensity of a sense of soreness should have a fever and feeling better. Entire knead knee action, slow speed should be uniform, coherent, round and live moderate, magnitude.

The elderly poor leg circulation, especially suitable method has been applied. "Professor Jiang Liangduo In addition, the legs and feet of the elderly to the afternoon or evening will be swollen, and rubbing knees slightly elevated. Note to wear loose shoes, stretched live foot skin shoes can cause foot meridian poor, the elderly legs more weakness. Women test booster will heel or wear semi-high heels, in order to reduce the excessive activity of the knee, alleviate knee burden, the prevention of knee pain.


Stretch (data plan)

Stretching: leg linen do not stop

The old bars is too short, difficult life long! "Ribs by one inch, tho extension of ten years." Saying sounds very simple, there is a deep medical content, is the oral tradition of the Chinese experience in health care for thousands of years. Therefore, self-treatment of attention to the bone is ribs soft, blood gravity.

There are a variety of reinforcement methods, which of orthostatic stretch law as follows: 1. Find a door frame, hands held to help both sides of the door frame, try to stretch out his arms; 2. Foot former station lunge, and the other foot in, legs stretched as far as possible; 3. body just in the door frame parallel, head erect, eyes forward, head; this position to stand for three minutes, and back to the one leg stand lunge, stand three minutes.

"Stretch to pay special attention to two points, one should not be too hard; Second, we must prepare for activities." Jiang Liangduo reminder. Also, do not feel pulled the parts of the hemp, pain and give up easily.

Teeth (data plan)

Respectively knock knock teeth: different teeth

Light together lips, the upper and lower teeth, gently tapping each other unlimited number of times, generally 30 times better. Not long teeth in the same plane, so that each tooth can be tapping, tapping may be different when teeth were percussion, first rap molars (laniary), then percussion incisors, canines, the severity of alternating rhythm caused by, do not do about friction.

Note: not suitable for this method of temporomandibular joint disorders, may aggravate the symptoms. Young people under 18, their teeth may not yet fully developed, should not be doing call-tooth action. Has been suffering from dental problems by knocking tooth efforts should not be too large to prevent further damage to teeth. Proposed here can be changed to knock the teeth to bite the teeth, its hard to stimulate, alleviate a lot. The specific approach is: real teeth gently bite, bite gradually becoming homogeneous, three times a day.

Articulation: Reading the word must sound

Articulation, also known as the sixth articulation tactic is an interest rate adjustment, health and fitness aims to exhale smoke after the first call issued "Hush, Oh, call, Chi, blowing, hee, these six words sound, coupled with the breathing, to exercise the internal organs, regulate the purpose of blood. Reading words must sound. Breath abdomen at the same time, the levator ani, reduction of renal, grabbing the buttocks, body weight to the heel; lower abdomen when inhaling natural uplift, the tip of the tongue on top of the palate do call intends to suck no intention. Nose slow long inhale, and then mouth exhale read the next tactic.

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