chinese health secrets
Health tricks, no way to contain the overwhelming repeated the baseless assertion, at least from a physician hired these health secrets can be considered a species of self-protection!

1, insomnia because of calcium deficiency

The reason: more than just the consequences of calcium deficiency leg cramps, forgetfulness, daydreaming, insomnia are also byproducts of calcium deficiency. Adequate calcium can inhibit the brain's excited, calcium deficiency will affect the normal metabolism of the neurons in the brain. Brain calcium food legumes such as soybeans, tofu, but the effect of soy milk is not good, because soy milk contains a small amount of lactose may affect the role of calcium in the brain.

Revenge of the class movie to make you badly hurt

Reason: Do you like movies like Revenge? See the bad guys be punished you Dunsheng Fiat. However, this taste of revenge can make you badly hurt! It is easy to increase your chances of suffering from heart disease and other stress-related diseases.

3, chocolate is also good for men's health

The reason: chocolate on the heart of the man's health is very beneficial, not only can lower blood pressure can also reduce blood vessel blockage. The time of purchase, purchase that the darkest chocolate, but it also has the highest cocoa content and a minimum of heat.

4, the bad feelings make you sick

The reason: bad mood is more terrible than the powerful virus source of infection! 80% of the disease are in fact the spirit of fluctuations excited, especially gastrointestinal diseases and skin diseases, you can easily overeating will be because of a bad mood, diarrhea or skin allergies and other symptoms.

5, at noon have to brush your teeth

Reasons: daily morning and evening, brush your teeth, sleep oral bacterial growth is only during the day when 60%, in other words, your mouth during the day also in need of care have to brush your teeth at noon, but not in the dining immediately after brushing, it is best to arrange for half an hour after a meal, which can prevent damage enamel. Especially after eating french fries or potato chips, but also to pay attention to brush your teeth the care.

6, throw away the detox pills

Reasons: lit? Acne? Taking those pills of detoxification remove the fire effect is not obvious, and because the stimulation of intestinal, but may increase the body's nutritional imbalance. In fact, from a nutritional point of view, the most effective method of pathogenic fire to temporarily give up alcohol and coffee, and drink plenty of water and eat foods that contain fat.

7, do not fatigue when drinking coffee, smoking

The reason: so as not to be in the body, especially fatigue, drink coffee or smoke refreshing, or else the cardiovascular system caused irreparable damage, palpitations, palpitation and severe symptoms. In particular, do not drink coffee in the fatigue both smoking again, it will not only damage to the body is doubled, the coffee's unique flavor and ingredients will increase your desire for cigarettes!

8, the medication must during Prohibition

Reason: New Zealand physiotherapists Smith said: medication during must prohibition, even if you eat just a simple cold medicine, vitamins, even if you drink only the mildest of champagne, red wine because the alcohol will not only affect efficacy, but also zoom in several times, the side effects of drugs are more likely to react with each other to generate drug poison.

9, after a meal do not eat fruits immediately

The reason: the restaurant consumption, always enjoy a fine or of bad fruit after a meal. However, if your digestive function is sound and healthy, you should immediately give up this gift. To digest the end of meals from your mouth to eat, you need at least 2 hours. Then immediately after eat into the fruit will be frozen in the stomach that have not had time to be digested in your stomach fermentation. Next, your stomach will produce a lot of gas, in addition to causing bloating, also lead to ... (uh, will pollute the surrounding air, the most embarrassing thing!)

10, the rent before disinfection

The reason: If you're still renting family, then it must be careful! Second-hand housing is the source of most of the spread of disease, especially in the virus most vulnerable to the spread of spring. In China, almost no owners in rental housing before the housing for disinfection, mites, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, mold can survive at room temperature for a long time. In particular, these parts of the walls, beds, wardrobe, toilet, wash basin should be carefully disinfected, air-conditioning, washing machine, water dispenser to ask someone to disinfection.

11, not at the gym

Reason: Of course, there is poor air flow gym. Because this gym is filled with exhaust gas exhaled by others, and expel toxins, and you are in the state of the campaign, the most easily absorbed into the exhaust and toxins, not only to achieve fitness effect, but to let the body suffer. Therefore, choose either the air flow and a good gym, or simply in outdoor sports, especially green plants lush parks, fitness dedicated to not grandfather grandmother.

12, limited drinking water

The reason: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Chen Nan said: drink plenty of water every day is not better your body is a balanced system, your kidneys per hour discharge 800-1000 ml of water. Within 1 hour, drink plenty of water to over 1000 ml, it will lead to hyponatremia.

13, be sure to use warm water to wash

The reason: Be sure to use warm water wash, do not the easy way with cold water, otherwise the pores are stimulated to a sudden contraction, in which the oil can not be promptly removed, can cause acne. Do not use hot water, or the facial skin is rapidly expanding, after the early wrinkles.

14 Do not give up the fat in food

Reasons: First, dietary fat does not completely converted to fat for your body; Secondly, the fat in food for the body to maintain normal physiological activity is essential, every day you 25% to 35% of the energy required to since in the fat. Finally, appropriate intake of fat, but can produce satiety, and prevent you from overeating.

15, do not put the phone on the bedside

Reason: Do not put the phone on the bedside, more accurately, is not on your head around. Because even the weak mobile phone standby indicator flashes of light will prevent your brain into a deep sleep, and affect the brain, melatonin secretion, and thus a direct result of you get enough sleep the hour but still tired.

16, do not stay in bed

The reason: your body's biological clock cycle every 90 minutes. If you naturally wake up the morning, would not have to continue to stay in bed, continue to go to sleep to re-enter a 90-minute sleep cycle, so stay in bed for 30 minutes or 40 minutes of waking up, it will become listless, and even head faint nausea.

17, not before going to sleep before a hot shower

Reasons: the temperature is too high will inhibit the brain, melatonin secretion, and affect your quality of sleep. Therefore, before going to sleep before a hot shower never wise. Wise to the bath before going to bed 90 minutes, so wait until bedtime, the body temperature just dropped to the most appropriate sleep temperature. If forced to take a bath before going to sleep, at the end of the cold water cold forehead, but also help to quickly lower the body temperature.

18, evening snacks does not matter

The reason: the occasional evening snacks and does not cause weight gain, unless your day's intake of calories that are much more than your usual intake level. But do not choose a high fat content of potato chips and other foods.

19, the muscle will not be converted to fat

The reason: This situation of course will not happen! Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. Between the two is not transformed into each other. When you stop exercising, the muscles may become some slack, but will not be converted into fat. Physical exercise, in turn, will not enable the conversion of fat into muscle, it will only reduce the size of fat cells in your body.

20, prolonged use of computers will not damage eyesight

The reason: for a long time staring at computer screens and will not damage eyesight! Your eyes will feel some soreness, and fatigue, but will not have cause damage to your eyesight. By the way, some of the recommendations in your mother was right. In order to protect the vision should be to eat some carrots, one of the antioxidants beta carotene on the eye with a very good protection.

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