chinese herbs fertility
Is a long-term basic national policy to control population growth, this former self contraceptive drugs at the same time continue to develop and carry out multi-disciplinary collaboration, and focus into the herbal medicine to find substances with anti-fertility activity aimed at from inspiration to develop a safe, but also oral non-self family planning drugs. After years of pharmacology, chemistry research and clinical observation, screening out a number of practical value to the anti-fertility herbal medicine, most of them to good effect in the clinical trial. A brief introduction on the recent progress. (L) of Tripterygium: Celastraceae tripterygium (TriptelygiuznwiffordiiHOIk.f.) Affect sperm production herbal medicine, roots, leaves and flowers. Tripterygium contains more than into the process can affect the formation of sperm in the testes, resulting in the increased number of abnormal sperm in the testis and epididymal sperm mature, direct damage of mature sperm and anti-fertility effect [']. And tests showed that wilfordii multi-paired epididymal function is reversible ['-'], Triptolide drunk (T4) also has a male anti-fertility effect [']. Male the Wis blood gavage to wilfordii multi-function '], a daily dose of 10ndkg, 6 times a week, fertility began to decline after 4 weeks, dropped to zero after 8 weeks, without side effects. Four weeks after the withdrawal sterile power began to recover, and recovered completely after 5 weeks. Therefore, triptolide is a promising male antifertility drug. (2) cotton seed oil: the Malvaceae cotton (hournherfor! unL.) The kinds of

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