chinese herbs for infertility
There are three main reasons lead to female infertility. Inflammatory factors, immunological factors, endocrine factors.
Inflammatory factors. Tubal obstruction or poor is the important causes of female infertility, accounting for 60% of the lesions due to inflammation. Cysticercoids, suppurative inflammation, tuberculous peritonitis, vaginitis, endometritis embolism, direct penetration through the blood, lymph, or ascending infection and other ways to transfer into salpingitis, hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesions, causing severe tubal obstruction. Tubal inflammation, hydrocephalus, obstruction, adhesions hindered the fine, the normal operation of the egg in the fallopian tubes so that fertilization of this critical link can not be completed, the patient even if ovulation normal men's sperm normal, but not pregnancy, and tubal owed smooth, easily lead to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy. Chinese medicine through Qufengchushi, detoxification, and clear the tubal pregnancy to create a good internal environment. Cause of tubal blockage main reasons: 1, the uterus upper part of the fibroids. 2, TB and other causes of the fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammation of the peritoneum. 3, endometritis. 4, trichomonas vaginitis, caused by peritonitis. 5, tension or emotional causes of tubal spasm. Infertility and ectopic pregnancy are often blocked fallopian tubes can cause the greatest harm is this harm a lot of infertility patients Ganchangcunduan.
Immunological factors. Due to the extensive application of modern means of medical testing in reproductive, anti-sperm antibodies, anti-endometrial antibodies have been increasingly detected in endometriosis patients with infertility rate as high as 20%. Female environment on sperm immune response, is not conducive to sperm survival. The practice shows that Chinese herbal treatment good for the immune infertility.

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