chinese herbs for kidney health
1, does not love to drink water
The kidneys of waste accepted far more than other organs and organ. The kidney is the most important is the mediator of body water and electrolyte balance, metabolism, physiological activity generated by the waste side by side in the urine, but when these features, you need enough water to the auxiliary.
Solution: cultivate the habit of drinking plenty of water to dilute the urine, the urine quickly discharged, not only to prevent stones, feeding too much salt is also conducive to the urine pale, thereby protecting the kidneys.
2, like to drink beer
If you have been suffering from kidney disease, also indefinitely large number of drinking beer, make uric acid deposition lead to tubular obstruction, resulting in kidney failure.
Solution: If the time of the blood test, kidney problems, I am afraid that renal impairment does not light, rather than a blood test to know the kidney is not as good as usual on a regular basis urine, because urine is to understand the kidneys most simple and efficient method.
3, undue consumption of fruits and vegetables
Eat more healthy fruits and vegetables, most people are concerned, for people with chronic renal dysfunction, fruits and vegetables usually is considered to help natural blood pressure lowering foods high potassium-containing composition, long-term consumption may even lead to them renal damage. In fact, for people with poor kidney function, potassium is to increase the kidneys to work the ingredients, the damage to the kidney.
Solution: If you suffer from chronic renal dysfunction, it should be noted that due to the consumption of fruits and vegetables, to avoid impact on the kidneys. Do not drink too strong fruit and vegetable juices, hot pot soup, vegetable soup, eating light is appropriate.
4 drinks instead of water
Most men do not love water, insipid, contrast, soft drinks, cola and other carbonated drinks or coffee and other drinks to be the best alternative to boiled water. However, these drinks contain caffeine, often lead to a rise in blood pressure and high blood pressure is an important factor in kidney injury.
Solution: Try to avoid too much to drink boiled water Instead, keep a daily drink eight large glasses of white water toxins from the body to facilitate the timely discharge.
5, eat too much meat
The U.S. Food Association have suggested that human daily intake of protein per kg body weight of 0.8 grams, which means that a person weighing 50 kg a day intake of 40 grams of protein, so the day can not eat the extra 300 grams of meat , thus avoiding to cause too much damage to the kidneys.
Solution: If the urine, urine protein, and eat too much meat, so long will make kidney function compromised. Meal of meat and soy intake should be controlled at about 0.5 cm thickness of the palm-sized, chronic nephritis, should reduce this amount.
6, the abuse of painkillers
Studies have shown that long-term use of combination analgesics, blood flow velocity of the body will be forced to reduce, so will seriously affect kidney function. In addition, it is worth noting that the painkillers cause of kidney failure patients are also more prone to bladder cancer.
Solution: Regardless of taking what kind of painkillers, only suitable for occasional use, and definitely not long-term use, long-term need to rely on painkillers, it is necessary to see a doctor to do a thorough check.

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