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Healthy exercise venues: travel

Influenza period, go to work, shopping is a little adventure. How to make travel more secure of themselves and their families is a big problem.

The new rules of the Public Health - to consider the safety of others required if you choose public transport, is required to wear a mask, you also need a glove to protect their hands are not contaminated. As far as possible on the bus, not much contact with the public facilities, and do not touch the face and muzzle, not to eat. In addition, when sneezing or coughing, application wipes his nose and mouth, or to block with his elbow, to prevent a threat to the health of others.

Healthy lifestyle choice of travel - Cycling

If the surrounding environment is beautiful, you can also choose to ride bicycles. This is your transport your sports equipment. And more interesting, more natural, preferred travel program to go out by the influenza period.

Walk - the zero-cost travel programs

Not like Haruki Murakami ran down the full marathon, we can at least walk. This is the lowest cost way to travel, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes. Particularly suitable for the close of travel, such as go to the supermarket.

Private car strict disinfection and maintenance

If you must travel by car, should be cleaned daily car such as steering wheel, retaining the car keys on hand frequently come into contact with parts. In addition, each time the car before the first ventilation window of about two minutes, and try not to air conditioning. Unless your car air conditioning to ensure a daily disinfection.

Healthy exercise venues: home

The flu struck, the family will always be our safe haven. How to protect a person's safety, health lessons for every housewife.

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