chinese medical center
Sickness and health management center Quanzhou first set of healthy, health management, private doctors, Chinese medicine infirmary as one of the five-star non-profit medical health management organizations. The center covers an area of 20,000 square meters, the project investment of over 150 million yuan. The center heavily in the introduction of top domestic and foreign health care medical equipment, collection of the country a bird's eye view in Figure discipline state-of-the-art talent to form the health management team, United Edinburgh, UK College of Medicine, 301 Military General Hospital, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, more than 30 domestic and international first-class medical institutions extensive cooperation, is the base of the People's Liberation Army 180 Hospital National health Management demonstration to build the project.
Achievement of excellence in health management organizations, is one of the top 10 livelihood projects in Quanzhou, directly under the Health Bureau and the Bureau of Civil Affairs supervision. Build a nationwide class, internationally-leading one-stop health service platform. Established to meet guests' needs-oriented healthcare services, the establishment of preventive medicine, clinical medicine, rehabilitation medicine and integration of health care service system for the community to provide high-quality, humane medical services, contribution to the advancement and development of China's medical industry value .

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